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What kind of Games do you like?
Find some Print and Play Games that fit your preferences!

Solo games? Pocket Civ; Zombie in My Pocket; Cheese Chasers; Ambagibus; Airborne in My Pocket; Free Trader; I, Dungeon; Island Of D 2: The Shadow of Dawn; Bindle Rails; Pocket Dungeon; Utopia Engine; Jasper and Zot; Escape of the Dead Minigame; Inspector Moss: House Arrest; Fairy Tale in My Pocket; Inkalam

Racing Games? Rush N' Crush; Race Duel S; Dog Races; Pistard

2 player games? First Snow; BattleFront; Island Trader; Garden Path; Goblin Slayer; Battle Leader Tactics; Fire & Water; Italian Rails; Serica: Plains of Dust

Wargames? Splatball: Suburban Legend; Battle for Moscow; First Blood: The Guadalcanal Campaign; Unbreakable; Valor & Victory; Worms; Oh No, There Goes Tokyo!; Postcard from the Revolution; Skirmish Wars: Advance Tactics; Ars Victor; Ancient Colonies

Space games? Space Junkyard; InterSpace; Shoulder of Orion; Wormhole; Epic Engagements; Space Assault

Zombie/Horror games? Crypt; Zombie Plague; Dead of Night; Dead Man's Island; Cadaver City

Abstract type games? Micropul; Rock, Scissors, Paper; Rat Hot; Łowcy Zwierząt; Qronq; Drewdle; Euronimoes; ScatterLand; Fire & Water; Castle Builders; Paikō

Tile games? ; Snake Pit; Pirates & Plunder; Wend-loop; Fire & Water; Country Trains; Gotham: Building the American City; Xscape

Train Games? Country Trains; Bindle Rails; Manifest Railways; Italian Rails; Trolley Car

Pirate games? Scallywags; Pirates & Plunder; Dead Man's Island

Dice games? Fortune's Colony; Dune Express; Poly Wars; Tribes; Agricola Express; Chunky Fighters; RoboDerby: Express; Dark Moon; Rolling Courts; Inventing the Future; Inkalam

Dexterity Games? Battle for Glyderion; Fortune's Colony; Flickago; Space Assault

Auction Games? Bedlam: The Countdown; Bone Barter; Fairy Bucks; Varg Bid

Fighting Games? Deadly Harmony; ArchMage

Good Games for Kids? Chunky Fighters; Zen Flower Showdown; Connect the Dots: Build and Destroy!

Political games? Founding Fathers; The Republic of Carthage

Cooperative Games? Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Historical Games? Founding Fathers; The Republic of Carthage (any other suggestions?)

Card games? Rome in Crisis; Final Boss: The card game; Unfair; Reality TV; Paperwall

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