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Practical Wargamer

Practical Wargamer was a British Wargames magazine.

Publication History

Practical Wargamer was published by Argus Specialist Publications and Nexus Special Interest Limited, Practical Wargamer was a bi-monthy magazine which was published from Autumn 1987 until its final issue in Feburary 1999 (Vol 13 - Issue 1). Nexus Special Interest Limited replaced the magazine with an expaned wargamming column in the Military Modelling magazine and they published one volume of the Practical Wargamer Yearbook 1999.

A Selection of Issues

May/June 1990

July/August 1990

March/April 1991

July/Aug 1991

May/June 1993

July/August 1993

Nov/Dec 1994

March/April 1995

May/June 1995

March/April 1998

Aug/Oct 1998

Feburary 1999

Games in Practical Wargamer

There was a number of board games and wargames rules which was published in Practical Wargamer. See Practical Wargamer Magazine Games for details.

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