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The Prairie Railroads series is series of games designed by John Bohrer and Martin Wallace and published by Winsome Games. The key mechanics in this series involve investing in company stock, and laying track to increase the income and value of those companies. Emergent alliances are a particularly prominent part of game play.

The Prairie Railroads games were initially printed with Martin Wallace's name on the cover as a solo-design, but it has since been divulged that he only designed the consortium bidding mechanic, which was only used in the first two games in the series, and that the latter three, which remove this mechanic, were all solo-designed by John Bohrer. Not surprisingly given this, these games have almost no similarity to the other train games designed by Wallace such as Age of Steam or Railways of the World which are based upon the Early Railways Series.

Unexpectedly, the series started receiving more attention in 2010 when Pampas Railroads was re-released by Winsome using wooden cubes in place of the crayons. This continued in 2011 in more dramatic fashion when Veld Railroads was re-developed entirely into South African Railroads, a game different enough from the original to qualify as the sixth entry in the series, and the first new title in almost a decade.

Games in the Series

Board Game: Ferrocarriles Pampas

Board Game: Prairie Railroads

Board Game: Pampas Railroads

Board Game: Veld Railroads

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