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QuickBar Purpose

The QuickBar is a set of 100 personalised QuickLinks for registered Geek users. The QuickLinks are short-cuts/bookmarks/URLs to various items within the BGG, or to external Internet pages. These QuickLinks will remain in place as long as you want and can be easily removed and/or replaced. The QuickLinks are organized into 10 QuickPages of 10 QuickLinks each.

User: Gorlab
===Using the QuickBar===

Changing QuickPage

You can move to another QuickPage by clicking on the page number for the wanted page to the right of "Page:."

Transfering to a QuickLink

Clicking on the label for a link will transfer you to the associated webpage.

Editing the QuickLinks

Editing One Link

Initially each QuickBar page is empty and simply shows a series of 10 [+] in two columns of 5. Each of these [+] can become a "Quick Link".
When on a page in BGG that you want to "Quick Link" to, simply click on the "+" of a [+] and you will be offered a small blank box into which you can enter a title/label for the "Quick Link". Give the link a label and press OK. The [+] will be replaced with the label and whenever you click on the label it will take you to that page within BGG. This page could be a Game Page or a GeekList or a Forum Thread or a GG Auction or any other page/item within BGG. The main use of the QuickBar is to allow you to follow thread/lists/etc. without having to subscribe to them or to jump to pages that you visit frequently.

If, when you are offered the label box, you click on Cancel, you simply cancel the creation of the label, not the creation of the link itself. In this case, the label is given the title "null" and the link is still created.

Note:The ability to edit an individual QuickLink can depend on your browser settings. If you browser objects, then edit the QuickPage.

Editing a QuickPage Directly

Another way to create a QuickLink and the way to remove existing QuickLinks is to click on the word QuickBar on the menu tab at the top. This will take you to a screen that lists all 10 possible/existing "QuickLinks" on the active QuickPage.

The left hand column has the labels for each of the QuickLinks. If the label is blank then this shows up as [+] in the QuickBar, otherwise the label is used.

The right hand column has the URL (Web Address/Page) of the QuickLinks. As each link is a URL, you can place any valid Internet Address in the URL coulmn for a given QuickLink.

To clear a "Quick Link" simply delete the label and the URL for a row in the QuickTable. Once all changes have been made, click on "Save" to store the changes.

Editing a QuickPage on My Geek/Account Webpage

After performing a menu action "My Geek/Account", then click on the "Customize QuickBar" link in the Layout pane to edit the active QuickPage.

Proceed to edit the page as detailed above.

Displaying or hiding your Quickbar

You can control whether or not your Quickbar is displayed by editing your layout:

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