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THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETE - or as complete as it ever will be. All the major tasks are done. I leave it here as a historical record.

This project seeks to restructure all Fate related entries in the database to make more sense. Basic structure is outlined by Fred Hicks in this diagram: It is being spear-headed by

Hans Messersmith
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. If you want to help out, geekmail him or see this thread:

Basic Structure

The basic structure, when complete, will be as follows:

Fate Family (high level entry that unifies all Fate related things)

Two or more Fate Systems

  • Fate 3.0 (this is the system for Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files, and most Fate RPGs released between 2006 and 2013)
  • Fate Core (this is the system for RPGs that were published after Fate Core System in 2013, including all Fate Accelerated related games)
  • Potentially a third would be Strange Fate, the system used by Kerberos Club (Fate Edition) and Base Raiders
  • Potentially a fourth, if Strands of Fate counts as its own thing
  • Potentially a Fate 2.0 system, see Gulliver's Trading Company below

Most Fate related rpgs will be linked to one of those systems with some exceptions:

  • Fate (Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Roleplaying) will not be linked to either, it is "Fate 2.0" according to Fred's diagram. At this time I am not aware of any other RPGs based on this version, so there is no need for a system entry, unless it needs its own system
  • Any Fate related RPG where the system is so heavily customized that it is still Fate, but not really either of the above systems. I'm not sure if there are any examples of this yet.

General Rule for Fate Core

The general rule for Fate Core will be as follows:

  • Any item that refers to the "Fate Core System" book or the "Fate Accelerated" book and does NOT substantial reprint those rules is an item under the "Fate Core" RPG.
  • Any item that reprints the rules but does so mostly verbatim (e.g. 98.3% similar) is an item under the "Fate Core" RPG.
  • Any item that was published after the "Fate Core System" rulebook was published, and has the license text showing it is related to Fate Core, but includes the full rules to play and these rules are substantially altered (e.g. less than 98.3% similar) to those in either "Fate Core System" or "Fate Accelerated" should get it's own RPG entry and be an item for that, with that RPG linked to the "Fate Core" system entry.

Task List

  • Create Fate Family DONE! Fate
  • Ensure all current Fate RPGs related to the current Fate System entry are linked to the new Fate Family DONE!
  • Correct current Fate System to be Fate 3.0 system (submitted, not yet approved)
  • Delink all non-Fate 3.0 RPGs/Series from that system (submitted, not yet approved, some questions see below)
  • Create new Fate Core system entry DONE! Fate Core
  • Link all Fate Core RPGs/Series from to that system DONE!
  • Correct current Fate RPG to be Fate Core RPG, which will cover Evil Hat related games and items such as Fate Accelerated, World of Adventure series, etc.
  • Delink any non Fate Core RPG items from that RPG, and link to another appropriate RPG, creating as necessary.
  • Create Fate 2.0 RPG and link original Fate rulebook to it DONE! Fate 1.0/2.0
  • Create Fate 3.0 Generic RPG and link generic Fate items between 2006 and 2013 to it. DONE! Fate 3.0

RPGs that Need Correction

RPGs that are clearly Fate Core system - these have corrections submitted to delink from current system and are linked to newly submitted Fate Core system DONE!
RPGs that are clearly their own RPGs, linked to the family but neither system
RPGs that may not need to exist per rule #2 above
Outstanding questions:
  • Age of Arthur, which system? sent geekmail to designer. Skein corrected to link to it. Looking at the 1st chapter on the wordplay website, I think this is Fate 3.0
  • FateToGo, this is in German, I can't tell if it is pretty much Fate 3.0 (as it was published in 2012) or something highly customized, need to check with owner
* Full Moon, published right at the transition, I have a copy, need to check it No correction needed
  • The Operation (Fate), no info on this one in RPGG, need to contact designer, who is a user, it seems to have disappeared off of DriveThruRPG
  • Gulliver's Trading Company - this is clearly based on Fate 2.0, maybe the only other RPG that is based on it? Does this mean Fate 2.0 needs its own system entry? DONE! I decided as there are only two RPGs, a new system doesn't seem worthwhile. This is only linked to Fate Family.
  • Strands of Fate - as two other games reference this not sure if it is its own thing or not

Series that Need Correction

Series that are clearly Fate Core - need to be linked to Fate Core properly DONE!
Series that shouldn't be linked to any Fate system
Series that are unclear
  • Undead Evolution Series - published right on the cusp of Fate Core, could be either Fate 3.0 or Fate Core, need to check

Items that need correction

Items that need delinking from current Fate RPG (all have been submitted as linked to new generic Fate 3.0 rpg) DONE!
Items that can be linked to existing RPGs
Items that may need their own RPGs with the change in structure
* The Demolished Ones
* Fate 1.0/2.0 - I have submitted this as one RPG, as the differences seem to me to be somewhat minimal, and also to reduce the proliferation of new entries that are liable to confuse people.
Outstanding questions:
  • What to do with Fate Dice? They are useful for pretty much everything Fate/Fudge related and probably a few other games. Also, this is just the one color, there are PILES of different colors now. Leave as is.
  • Undead Evolution Series: Zombies (Fate) - not sure what that should be linked to, probably Fate Core but its on the cusp

Issues that Need Correction

Issues that pre-date Fate Core, and must be Fate 3.0 ALL DONE!
Issues that link to other Fate RPGs ALL DONE!

Podcasts that need correction

Podcasts that have to be Fate 3.0ALL DONE!

Overall outstanding issues

  • Fudge Family linking to these things is spotty at best. I suggest that Fudge Family only be linked to the first versions of Fate (e.g. Fate 2.0) and not to later versions.

Things that Need No Correction

RPGs needing no correction

RPGs that almost certainly Fate 3.0 system - these have all been left linked to current Fate 3.0, which will become Fate 3.0 once correction is approved

Items needing no correction

Items definitely Fate Core related (no corrections necessary), linked to Fate Core and will be correct once that becomes Fate Core

Issues needing no correction

Issues that are Fate Core, no correction necessary

Series needing no correction

Series that are clearly Fate 3.0

Podcasts needing no correction

Podcasts that are defintely Fate Core, no correction necessary
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  • [rpgpodcastepisode=110509]
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