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Ravensburger Labyrinth Games

The success of Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH's Labyrinth spawned a whole series of related games.

Labyrinth (1986)
Master Labyrinth (1991)
Junior Labyrinth (1995)
Secret Labyrinth (1998)
Labyrinth: The Card Game (2000)
3D Labyrinth (2002)
The Lord of the Rings Labyrinth (2003)
Labyrinth Treasure Hunt (2005)
Master Labyrinth (2007)
Labyrinth: The Duel (2009)
Electronic Labyrinth (2011)
The Amazing Spider-Man Labyrinth (2012)
Ocean Labyrinth (2015)
Das verdrehte Labyrinth (2016)

The games

(1986) Labyrinth The original.
(1991) Master Labyrinth "Harder" version with more rules to getting the items, which are also not pre-printed on the tiles, but rather are on their own chits, to be randomly located within the labyrinth.
(1995) Junior Labyrinth Smaller board with less items to find.
(1998) Secret Labyrinth Circular board; simple combat mechanics.
(2000) Labyrinth: The Card Game Card game version.
(2002) 3D Labyrinth Plastic 3D board.
(2003) The Lord of the Rings Labyrinth Novel/movie themed version, similar to Master Labyrinth, but with more tokens and slight rule changes to the cards and staffs; also includes rules for a variant game where tokens are not collected in numeric order.
(2005) Labyrinth Treasure Hunt Simultaneous play.
(2007) Master Labyrinth Master Labyrinth with simple combat against a dragon and guardians.
(2009) Labyrinth: The Duel Solo or 2-player game using the Labyrinth tile-sliding mechanic.
(2011) Electronic Labyrinth 4-player game using electronic, voice-acted missions, tasks and story elements
(2012) The Amazing Spider-Man Labyrinth Spider-man themed version with a Lizard villain mechanic
(2015) Ocean Labyrinth Underwater themed version with reverse-sided tiles mechanic
(2015) Das verdrehte Labyrinth Garden themed version with twistable tiles mechanic
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