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The Riding Series is a series of games designed by Han Heidema and published by Winsome Games. The Riding Series is stock-based economic train game series where players purchase stock in basic companies, draw train routes for those same companies, and later consolidate the basic companies into larger groupings. In 2010, the series received an update. While the titles had formerly all been crayon based, the first title, West Riding, was re-released using the Winsome Cube Rails system to streamline play.

The series currently consists of four games, and a revised version of the first, West Riding. All of the games are out of print and difficult to find with the exception of West Riding Revisited.

Games in the Series

Board Game: West Riding

Board Game: Länderbahnen

Board Game: Riding through England

Board Game: Riding through England

Board Game: Wooden Shoes & Iron Monsters

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