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SFB Captain’s Edition

The current edition of the Star Fleet Battles series was initially released in 1990. While it maintained the same rules structure of the previous edition, along with all the same numbers used to reference ships, the product line was completely redone (the Basic Set rules note that this was done in part to make retailers notice that this was a new edition). All the previous materials were republished over the course of three years in the new format. Task Force Games itself failed in the late 1990s, and ADB, which had been the independent design house for SFB, took over printing the game in 1999.

For Captain's Edition, there are two boxed sets that provide all of the main rules. Almost everything else is named "Module x: [Name]"; where x is a letter/number code (not unlike old D&D module codes), and [Name] is the actual title of the product. These modules are usually two saddle-stitched books (one rules/scenarios/notes, and the other SSDs), a sheet of counters, and a color cardstock wrapper that serves as the product cover.

Part of the Star Fleet Universe.

Boxed sets

There are two boxed sets in the Captain's Edition. Each contains a perfect-bound rulebook, an SSD book, and counters. Basic set also contains a hex map for use as a playing surface, and a four-page cardstock set of charts. They present the 'basic' seven races of the game:

  • Federation
  • Klingon Empire
  • Romulan Empire
  • Tholian Holdfast
  • Gorn Confederation
  • Kzinti Hegemony
  • Orion Pirates

Basic Set
Advanced Missions

Rule Expansions

There are some areas of the rules that are left to expansions with the idea that they aren't necessary, and are only for people who are explicitly interested in the subject matter.

J: Fighters
J2: Advanced Fighters
K: Fast Patrol Ships
M: Star Fleet Marines
X1: The X-ships
X1R: X-Ship Reinforcements
T: Tournament Battles

Play Aids

A number of products aren't strictly needed to play the game, but are provided to enhance play. This includes things like new maps and counters.

A+: Captain's Yeoman
B: Terrain Maps
D2: Tournament Tactics
D3: Booms & Saucers
G1: Master Annex File
G2: Master Annex File
Replaces G1
G3: Master Annex File
Replaces G1/G2
G3A: Supplementary Annexes
H1: Megahex
TR: Tournament Reference
W: Space Battle Maps
SFB Campaign Designer's Handbook
SFB Tactics Manual

New Races

SFB started with a set of seven empires, each with its own types of ships and weapons. All empires after these have been presented in separate products, at first in groups of three or so, recently with one empire per product.

C1: New Worlds I
Hydrans, Lyrans, WYNs
C2: New Worlds II
ISC, Neo-Tholians, Andromedans
C3: New Worlds III
Andromedans, Seltorians, WYN 'Fish ships'
C4: Fleet Training Centers
Nine "simulator races"
C6: Lost Empires
"What-if" modern-era Alpha Octant Paravians and Carnivons
F1: The Jindarians
F2: The Vudar Enclave

New Ships

SFB is a game of ship to ship combat and new SSDs are the center of almost any product. Therefore, the R-series, built around presenting new ships is the most popular line within SFB. R1-4 were dedicated to reprinting the last of the 'old' ships from Commander's Edition, and everything from R5 on is all-new material.

R1: Bases & Auxiliaries
R2: Federation, Kzinti, Orion, Andromedan
R3: Klingon, Hyrdan, Lyran, WYN
R4: Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, ISC
R5: Battleships!
R6: The Fast Warships
R7: Dreadnoughts at War
R8: System Defense Command
R9: The Ships That Never Were
R10: The New Cruisers
R11: Support Ships
R12: Unusual Ships

New settings

The bulk of SFB releases deal with what has become known as the "Alpha Octant" over a 70-year period. There are a number of other locations, as well as an earlier time period, that have been explored in some products.

C5: The Magellanic Cloud
Five Magellanic empires: Baduvai, Eneen, Maghadim, Uthiki, Jumokians
E2: Triangulum Galaxy
Three playtest M33 empires: Helgardians, Arachnids, Mallarans
Y1: The Early Years
Early Years ships for various Alpha Octant empires: National Guard ships for numerous Federation members (Alpha-Centauran, Andorian, Rigellian, Vulcan); two new EY empires: Paravians and Carnivons
Y2: The Early Years II
New Early Years empires: Terran National Guard ships for the Federation; the EY Inter-Stellar Concordium, plus the five "pre-ISC" species (Korlivilar, Pronhoulites, Q'naabians, Rovillians, Veltressai)
Y3: The Early Years III
More ship classes and mission variants for the Early Years empires introduced in the first two EY modules


The Omega Octant is an area next to the familiar setting of SFB in the Milky Way, but separated from it by a hard to explore 'void' area. It is designed for its history to work very differently from the Alpha Octant, and its history is explored, piece by piece, with each product.

Ω1: The Omega Sector
Eleven Omega empires: Mæsron, Koligahr, Trobrin, Vari, Probr, Chlorophon, Drex, Hiver, Alunda, Sigvirion, Loriyill
Ω2: Omega Reinforcements
Dreadnoughts, carriers, and other units for the first 11 Omega empires
Ω3: The Omega Wars
Six Omega empires: Souldra, Iridani, Ymatrians, Worb, Federal Republic of Aurora, Singers
Ω4: The Omega Rebellion
Four Omega empires: Ryn, Bolosco, Qixa, Branthodons
Ω5: Omega Flotillas
Gunboats, PF tenders, and more fighters for a selection of empires from the first four Omega modules


ADB plans to release a line of products that will compile all existing products into a few integrated volumes, with the exception of items such as counters. Currently, only the rules and annexes have been published for the Alpha Octant empires, but there are plans to do a Master Starship Book (all the ship listings), Master SSD Book (all the actual SSDs), and a Master Scenario Book. The Omega Master Rulebook includes the ship listings and published scenarios for the 21 published Omega Octant empires, but does not include any Omega module SSDs.

Master Rulebook
Omega Master Rulebook
Master Annex File
G3A: Supplementary Annexes
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