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In the Menu Strip at the top of every page in BGG there is a Search box with a basic/simple search and an Advance Search option.

Search In Category

The simplest way to search for an item is to type the name of the item into the white box next to SEARCH and click on the "Go" button. BGG will then search and offer the matches in alphabetical order.

When searching for an item you have to choose which category the item is located in, with a choice from:

Select the category first, type in the text to find and then click "Go". BGG performs the search and then offers the results in alphabetical order, although the precise look of the results varies from module to module.

Beware: The search box defaults back to searching in the "Games" category when you click on a result or menu. Always check the category when doing a search.

Until October 2021, it was painful or impossible to search for less well-known games with a title that is one common word, e.g. RED, SEVEN, etc, because the search returned all matching titles in order of popularity, so the exact match one-word title was buried after dozens of false hits, or not displayed at all (since the search has a maximum number of results it displays). Fortunately as of October 2021, single-word exact matches for the search term are returned first in the results.
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