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A list of useful resources, blogs, geeklists, etc focused on solitaire gaming


1 Player guild
Low Player Count
Solo Roleplaying
Solo Game Design Guild

External Websites - A website featuring a database of solo variants which can be contributed, voted and commented by its users.
1 Player Guild on Board Game Arena

External Social Media Sites

Solo Board Gaming (MeWe)
Solo Boardgamers (Facebook)


Solo Variants Lists

Official Solo Content Released After Launch
Solo Variants for Games I Own
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Shacky's Solo Variants
Non-solitaire games that have solo rules in BGG
Solo Collectible Card Games
Games with Automa opponents for solo play
Digital Automas*
Fan-made Solo Variants For Eurogames on the Geek


Strictly Solitaire - A List of Games Designed (Only) for One Player
Eastwood's "Make my day" solo game ratings
Decktet Solitaire Games
Solitaire War Games
Ultimate Solitaire or Solo Game Battle!
Solo multi-player games
Solo Games - Hits & Near Misses
Sure you can play it solo...but is it actually fun solo?
Eric's Solitaire Reviews Geeklist
My top ten favorite solo games
Top 10 Solitaire Wargames
Going Solo
Solo Games Recommended by SHIGADEYO
Always alone... the definitive list of single player games.
The Best Games for 1 Player
Free Solo Print and Play
I Love This Solitaire Game!
One-Character Solo Games
My top 10 solitaire games
ArtsCow Links for Solo Games
Playing Alone Together
Invitation-Only Solitaire Games Cons - Add Your Geeklist Here!
Show Me The Solitaire Games !! (單人遊戲清單)
Solo games you can play in 30 minutes or less
Minimalist PnP Solitaire Games
Geek Gamers review/discussion channel focusing on solo play. Home of solo RPG tutorials and Wargaming 101 series.
Solo Piecepack and Looney Pyramids Games
MetaList of Portable, Travel-Friendly Solo / Solitaire Games
Rules Questions for Solo Games
Small-box solo games
24 by 18 Solo Games

USEFUL TOOLS - Lists your games and how long it been since playing.
Fleet solo randomizer app - Tool created by AVA to randomize the setup for Fleet - Is an aggregator for all open auction items sorted by game name - Add items (games) to make a list. When you're done it turns into a "bracket system" in which it randomly gives you pairs from your list. You systematically pick your favorites until it gives you a ranking of all the items you submitted. - Solo Games On Your Table Aggregator. A site by Kevin L. Kitchens (klkitchens) that aggregates the games listed in the monthly SGOYT geeklists, providing a central location to find stats and searchable info on games 1PG members are playing each month.

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