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Special Ops

The Special Ops Magazine is published by Multi-Man Publishing. It includes articles and scenarios for MMP's games as well as complete games.

Also see the Operations Magazine, Operations Magazine Visual Index and Operations Special Magazine.

(from the publisher's website :)
"What is Special Ops? How is it different from Operations and the Operations Special Issues?

This is best explained in the following MMP News posting from this website:

A question we have been receiving recently is what's the status of Operations magazine.

With the success of Operations Special Issues, coupled with the slight monetary loss which happens with the release of every non-SI Operations, we have decided upon the following course of action:

We intend to release a magazine twice a year which will contain content similar to the Special Issues (i.e., variants, new smaller games, etc.). There are a lot of reasons why we decided to go this route, but we believe this puts us in the absolute best position to put out a "house mag" on a regular schedule with contents that may interest most gamers who support MMP with their purchases.

We will probably be changing the name of the magazine, as we can't keep calling it a "Special Issue", nor do we feel we can we keep calling it "Operations" since its so radically different in content.

The release dates will be center roughly around our two largest conventions - MMP's own Winter Offensive and the World Boardgaming Championships (in other words, January and August, approximately).

Content will be in the neighborhood of 40 pages, with two small or one "standard" games or variants (1 map, 1 countersheet, rules). We will be supporting all of our games through this magazine (although obviously each magazine can't have content on everything we produce!)"

Games and scenarios

Issue #1

Board Game: Raphia

Special Ops Issue #1
Issue #1 MMP webpage

Articles :

  • Shifting Sands,
  • ASL, ASL Starter Kit
  • SCS Gazala
  • Baltic Gap
  • Origins 2009 report
  • the use of wargames--Fire In The Sky specifically--in the classroom.

Games :

ASL/ASLSK Scenarios:

  • ASL O1 - Go Big or Go Home: France 1940, French vs. German
  • ASL O2 - Breaking the Ishun Line: Ukraine 1941, Russian vs. German
  • ASLSK S37 - Breaking the Panzers: France 1944, British vs. German
  • ASLSK S38 - Raiders Along the Wall: Germany 1944, American vs. German

Included Errata :

Issue #2

Board Game: Ukraine '44

Special Ops Issue #2
Issue #2 MMP webpage

Issue #2 of Special Ops features 36 pages of articles and analysis, a brand new game, and four ASL/ASLSK scenarios!


  • Bravery in the Sand,
  • ASL, ASL Starter Kit,
  • SCS The Mighty Endeavor,
  • GCACW series,
  • a Dutch SASL campaign,
  • a regular feature covering many folks associated with MMP.

Game: Ukraine '44 with a 22" x 34" map and 280 counters

ASL/ASLSK Scenarios:

  • ASL O3 - A Frosty Morning: Tunisia 1942, British vs. Axis
  • ASL O4 - Ain't Running Away: France 1944, American vs. German
  • ASLSK S39 - Use Your Tanks and Shove: Tunisia 1943, American vs. German
  • ASLSK S40 – Island Retreat: Italy 1944, American vs. German

Issue #3

Board Game: A Victory Complete: The Battle of Tannenberg, 1914

Special Ops Issue #3
Issue #3 MMP webpage

Special Ops #3 features:

  • 36 pages
  • 1 countersheet with 270 counters


  • Strategies in A Victory Complete by Magnus Nordlof
  • Coming Down the Pike: A Look at New Products Coming from MMP by Brian Youse
  • Fire In The Sky After-Action Report by Jim Eliason
  • Forward to Elst! by Ken Dunn
  • Teaching ASL by Robert Wolkey
  • Don’t Go Off Half-Tracked: Getting the Most Out of Your Halftracks in ASL by John Slotwinski and Phil Palmer
  • ASL Etiquette by Dave Ramsey
  • MMP Ironman Tournament: One Man’s Journey by Dan Cunningham
  • A More Better Bull Run by Matthew Kirschenbaum
  • OCS Fixing Holes by John Kisner

Game: A Victory Complete: The Battle of Tannenberg, 1914 with a 22" x 34" map and 146 counters

ASL/ASLSK scenarios:

  • ASL O5 - The Tsar's Infernal Machines: 1914
  • ASL O6 - Third Time's The Charm: Crimea 1942
  • ASLSK S52 - Extraordinary Bravery: Poland 1939
  • ASLSK S53 - Workers Unite!: Russia 1941

Included Errata:

Issue #4

Board Game: What Price Glory?

Special Ops Issue #4
Issue #4 MMP webpage

Special Ops #4 features:


  • What Price Glory? - Strategies
  • OCS system - beginner’s perspective
  • MMP Operation Market-Garden games for operations research - replaying the campaign to gather statistical data on the campaign
  • Rising Sun - discussion and some of the thinking behind the ASL module that combines the old Pacific theater modules Code of Bushido and Gung Ho
  • SCS It Never Snows - four new scenarios
  • Little history on Congressional Medal of Honor winner Joe Mann (originally scheduled to be included in the historical notes section of the game Where Eagles Dare)

Game: What Price Glory? with one 34" by 22" map, 176 counters and 48 cards - IGS game

ASL/ASLSK scenarios:

  • ASL O7 - Broken Wings
  • ASL O8 - Crucifix Hill
  • ASLSK S54 - Operation Natzmer
  • ASLSK S55 - The Fire Brigade

Issue #5

Board Game: The Battle of Bushy Run

Special Ops Issue #5
Issue #5 MMP webpage

Special Ops #5 features:


  • ASL
  • Angola!
  • Lincoln's War
  • Storm over Dien Bien Phu
  • Last Chance for Victory
  • It Never Snows

Game: The Battle of Bushy Run with 17" x 22" and 8.5" x 11" mapsheets, 88 counters - IGS game

ASL/ASLSK scenarios:

  • ASL O9 - Behind In The Count
  • ASL O10 - City On The Edge
  • ASLSK S56 - In Pursuit Of The French
  • ASLSK S57 - Haase To Hold On

ASL mapboard 68

Issue #6

Board Game: Storm Over Normandy

Special Ops Issue #6
Issue #6 MMP webpage

Special Ops #6 features:


  • ASL Action Pack #11: 29 Let's Go!
  • The Mighty Endeavor (SCS)
  • The Devil's Cauldron (GTS)
  • upcoming OCS game Hungarian Rhapsody
  • first game in the Battalion Combat Series (BCS), Last Blitzkrieg

Game: Storm Over Normandy with 22"x34" mapsheet, 190 counters, 12 pages full–color rulebook and 55 cards - IGS game

ASL/ASLSK scenarios:

  • ASL O11 - Short-lived offensive: Slovakia 1939, Slovakian vs Hungarian
  • ASL O12 - Loss of Hope: Philippines 1942, Americans vs Japanese
  • ASLSK S58 - Exit no1: France 1944, Americans vs Germans
  • ASLSK S59 - Mopping up: France 1944, Americans vs Germans

Included Errata:

Issue #7

Board Game: Autumn For Barbarossa

Special Ops Issue #7
Issue #7 MMP webpage

Special Ops #7 features:

  • 40 pages magazine
  • 1 full game


  • FIGHTING THE MYTH A Preview of "Baptism By Fire" (BCS) by Carl Fung
  • ANGOLA! A Shorter Scenario and Some Play Balance Options by Bruce Monnin
  • OPERATIONAL COMBAT SERIES (OCS) From Good to Great by Dmitry Klyuykov
  • BCS SHOCKERS BCS Concepts That Might Shock A Traditional Player by Dean Essig
  • SOVIET PLAY IN CASE BLUE (OCS) And A Little Gennan Strategy, Too by Chip Saltsman
  • WHICH SCENARIO SHOULD I PLAY? Rating OCS Scenarios by John Bowen

Game: Autumn For Barbarossa with 22"x34" mapsheet, 280 counters, 8 pages black and white rulebook

ASL/ASLSK scenarios:

  • ASL O13 - Road to Rome: Italy 1943, Italians vs Germans
  • ASL O14 - Wiking Horde: Germany 1945, Americans vs Germans
  • ASLSK S60 - Opearation Niwi: Belgium 1940, Belgians vs Germans
  • ASLSK S61 - Help our Troops Out: Germany 1945, Americans vs Germans

No Errata counters

Issue #8

Board Game: Avenge Pearl Harbor

Special Ops Issue #8
Issue #8 MMP webpage

Special Ops #8 features:

  • 44 pages magazine
  • 1 full game


  • LEARNING TO PLAY Operation Mercury (GTS) Tackling GTS on Your Own by Bruce Monnin
  • SHINING HEART Thinking Behind Various Game series by Dean Essig
  • It Never Snows (SCS) A Variable German Response scheme
  • Autumn For Barbarossa (SCS) Designer's notes
  • Avenge Pearl Harbor Card combinations
  • Russian setup in Red Barricades (ASL)
  • QUICK TO LAND Clearing the Runway for Fallschirmjaeger (SCS),
  • A BCS PRIMER Tips for playing the Battalion Combat Series (BCS) series well
  • RED WHITE AND BLACK A guide to Armor Values in BCS by Carl Fung

Game: Avenge Pearl Harbor with 22"x34" mapsheet, 200 counters, 32 cards, 8 pages color rulebook

ASL/ASLSK scenarios:

  • ASL O15 - Highland Frank: Italy 1943, British vs Germans
  • ASL O16 - Forced Crossing: Russia 1944, Soviets vs Germans
  • ASLSK S62 - Reaper's Harvest: France 1944, British vs Germans
  • ASLSK S63 - Nothing Left to Lose: Germany 1945, Soviets vs Germans

Included Errata:

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