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Spiel der Herzen - Game of the Heart

"Spiel der Herzen" (Game of the Heart) that is an award from the south tyrolian board and playing card association Dinx which awards the prize annually.

There are two categories: «Spiel der Herzen» award for adults and «Spiel der kleinen Herzen» for children board games.
A novelty of this prize is the fact that a game can be listed again if it was issued in the last three years. So in theory a game can be awarded the prize multiple times.

2009 this prize has been accredited for the first time.

The nearly 200 members of the association (2009) choose between new releases of both categories of the last three years. From the ten most voted board games a jury selects the winning game - considering the percentage of votes, the requirements and the local reference.

In the year 2014, the prize is given to the game Castles of Burgundy by Alea. In it's final attempt it managed to prove its longevity as clever strategygame with the fascinating twist by rolling dice.
2nd and 3rd place went to Splendor by Space Cowboys and Love Letter by AEG/Pegasus.
The schoolkids in South Tirol voted for Baobab by Piatnik as best childrengame. This is a fun Party/Dexteritygame with simple rules and lot's of fun.
2nd and 3rd place went to Manno Monster by Kosmos and Pingi Pongo by Noris.

In the year 2013, the prize is given to the game Love Letter by AEG/Pegasus. This clever little game is fast and addicting and offers tons of replayability with only 16 cards. The Jury was convinced by this gem because it is also wonderfull to be played with casual-gamers.
2nd and 3rd place went to The Castles of Burgundy by Alea and Bruges by Hans im Glück.
The schoolkids in South Tirol voted for Kakerlakak by Ravensburger as best childrengame. The little bug is a real star and its moving around the labyrinth is hypnotic in its own way.
2nd and 3rd place went to Der Verzauberte Turm by Drei Magier and Zebra-Schwein by Schmidt-Spiele.

In the year 2012, the prize is given to the game Egizia by Acchittocca. This game was three times in a row up there with other games competing for the prize, the Jury decided to give this game the prize because of its longevity and the fact that it is a very fullfilling game experience in a short amount of time.
2nd and 3rd place went to Cyclades by Matagot and The Castles of Burgundyby Alea.
The schoolkids in South Tirol voted for Voll in Fahrt by Amigo as best childrengame. Bob Lindner designed a game that was liked by younger and olders alike. The children loved the little locomotives very much and the fact they could push each others around.
2nd and 3rd place went to Ubongo Junior by Kosmos and Gary Gouda by Haba.

In the year 2011, the prize is given to the game K2 by Adam Kałuża. The players liked the fact, that this innovative theme was done in a familyfriendly, yet convincing and satisfying way for seasoned gamers.
2nd and 3rd place went to Shadow Hunters by Kosmos (2010 Edition) and the well known 7 Wonders.
For the first time Schoolkids from throughout South Tirol played and rated different children games. They voted Kissenschlacht by Liesbeth Bos as the best game. They liked the pillows very much and the fact that they where able to shot down other player pieces. The 2nd place went to Da ist der Wurm drin and the 3rd place went ex equo to 3 games:
Zwerg Riese, Monster-Falle and Roll & Go

In the year 2010, the prize was accredited to the game Stone Age by Bernd Brunnhofer alias Michael Tummelhofer. 2nd and 3rd place went to the new games Egizia and Dixit.
With The Magic Labyrinth for "Spiel der kleinen Herzen" a winner was chosen that is not only liked by the younger gamers of the association. 2nd prize was awarded to Mummy's Treasure, and finally the 3rd prize to Wer war’s?.

In the year 2009, the already many times awarded game Dominion of Donald X. Vaccarino, won the first Spiel der Herzen award and was followed with distance from Agricola and Stone Age. New grounds were broken with the award to Giro Galoppo (Selecta), which in 2006 was indeed on the list for the Board game of the year. The members of dinx though thought that the tactical game deserves more and chose it as their winner of the Spiel der kleinen Herzen award 2009. Didi Dotter and Wer war’s? were ranked 2nd and 3rd.

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