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Standard Combat Series

1. Introduction

1.1 Descriptions

"The Standard Combat Series (SCS) enables both experienced and beginning players to enjoy simple to play and quick to learn games. Each game is a quick-start, complete simulation: rules, a detailed color map, 280 counters, and everything else needed to recreate the campaign in question."
(from MMP website)

Designed to provide players with a low complexity game system that also provides great historical detail and a touch of realism, the Standard Combat Series is an ideal choice for wargamers of all ability levels. Published by The Gamers and now by MMP.

2. SCS series files

Condensed v1.8

Combat odds matrix - combat odds calculation from Attack/Defender SP
Alternate CRT
Another Alternate CRT discussions


French: see

4. Projects

Ready but not published: Rostov '41: Race to the Don

North Africa

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