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FAQ for Star Borders: Humanity

Info taken from FAQs in file area and various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.
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Gold Banner 2nd edition

The 2nd edition (which was released in Spring 2013) has laser-cut counters, mounted boards, and a box, along with a few rules clarifications/tweaks plus additional features like
  • planetary fortifications and assault
  • planets are disrupted after being seized in battle
  • additional ship types
  • additional ship abilities, including: repair, cloaking, flagship (group movement)
  • 8 scenarios instead of 4
  • extra scenario to be used with Star Borders: Aliens

2.2 The Map Sections

The squares / hexgrid have no meaning

Unlike some similar space combat games (e.g. WarpWar) the background staggered square hexgrid on the map has no meaning in the game (and depending on how map sections are placed together, the implied hex grid won't even align correctly.) Ships only move from illustrated object to illustrated object along the green jump lines.

Trim the white edges

If your map sections have white borders, trimming off the white margins with a good paper cutter will make them look much nicer. :)

Omega Sector vs Omicron Sector

One map sector says "Omicron Sector" while scenarios Viking Raiders and First Frontier War show it labeled "Omega Sector"; clearly it's the same sector.

2.3 Playing Pieces

You are limited by the physical mix supplied

You cannot build more ships than the counters supplied with the game.

There should be 2 different control markers with flags

There should be 2 different control markers, one with a red flag and a blue non-flag, and the other with a blue flag and a red non-flag, plus 9 markers with no flags. Some sets had a printing error with flags on both sides of a single control marker plus 10 markers with no flags.

Development cards may be revealed for use whenever you like

You can reveal a development card to use it whenever you like, including in an opponent's turn.

7.5 Fleeing

"Flee: this is the same as retreating (see 7.3.3), except only this ship retreats and not the entire force at that location"...

Fleeing in later rounds of combat seems clear enough.

For the first round, the intent is that none of the first-round retreat restrictions apply.

In particular:
- The current player's ships can flee in the first round.
- The opponent's ships can flee to any location that the Attacker’s ships did not enter the Battle location from and does not have an enemy presence.

(Confirmed in email with Alan Emrich.)

8.1 Housekeeping and planetary control

Note that planetary control changes only during the housekeeping phase (not during movement, for example).

Details about Specific Development Cards

4: Quardrant Shipyard

Each ship moving starting or ending its movement at the sector base gets that move from/to the sector base for free (without having to spend an LP for that specific move).

5: Subversion

"no enemy ships are present" presumably means "enemy" relative to you, not to the opponent.

7: Subspace Navigation

Note that the jump cannot be to an opponent's Safe Refuge space, i.e. a space where the opponent has a ship or control marker and you do not. If the opponent has a ship or marker but you also have a ship or marker there, then it is not an opponent's Safe Refuge and you can jump there.

Note that in version 2 of the game, only small (1-2tep) ships can jump, but this restriction is not in version 1 of the game:

8: Extended Range Pulse Sensors

Note the card says Retreat (not Flee) so presumably all opponent ships must forego firing to all retreat the following round; having some but not all of them do so is presumably not an option.

11: Sub-Meson Tracking Computer

It only reverses the order of firing so that the attacker fires first; it does not alter the order of retreat.

12: Anti-Matter Detonators

This option can be used in each round of a battle.

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