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List of game FAQs

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1. If I have a Ship, Captain, Upgrade, or Damage Card that uses the word "you", does it refer to that specific ship or to all of your ships?

As mentioned on page 21 of the Full Rules (under "Card Abilities"), abilities on Ship Cards, Captain Cards, Upgrade Cards, and Damage Cards only affect the ship to which they are assigned, unless otherwise specified.

2. When Squad Building, is there a penalty for including ships of different Factions in the same Fleet?


3. When I perform the Cloak Action, do I disable all of my remaining Shield Tokens, or do I get to keep one Shield Token Active?

You must disable all of your remaining Shield Tokens.

4. If two ships' bases are touching each other, do those ships ignore considerations of firing arc when attacking each other?

No. The rule on page 18 is simply meant to convey that ships can attack each other as normal when their bases are touching. The ships must still obey the firing arc requirements in order to target each other during the Combat Phase.

5. If a ship overlaps another ship or obstacle, can it still perform free Actions?

No. A ship that loses the ability to perform Actions also loses the ability to perform free Actions, including free Actions granted outside the ship's Perform Actions step.

6. Can I voluntarily disable my Shields at any time (i.e. without using card text)?

No. However, if you de-Cloak during the End Phase, you can choose to not raise your Shields afterwards.

7. Can I voluntarily de-Cloak at any time (i.e. outside of the End Phase)?


8. Does the term "friendly" on a card ever refer to the ship on which the card is located?

No, the term "friendly" only refers to other ships in your fleet.

9. When a card ability allows a player to gain a certain number of attack or defense dice "this round" (for example, Scotty), how does this work?

For attack dice, this allows the player to add that many attack dice (in total) to his attack rolls during that round's Combat Phase. If a player is able to make multiple attacks during the same Combat Phase, the player may choose when to add the bonus attack dice. These dice can even be added to Secondary Weapon attacks.
For defense dice, this allows the player to add that many defense dice (in total) to his defense rolls during that round's Combat Phase. If the player is attacked multiple times during the same Combat Phase, the player can choose when to add the bonus defense dice.
Note that this type of text is different from a continuous bonus which does not use the phrase "this round" (for example, the text on Donatra or Terrell). A continuous bonus applies to all attack and defense rolls made by the affected ships during that round.

10. When a card ability forces a player to roll fewer attack or defense dice "this round" (for example, Kyle), how does that work?

The player must roll fewer attack or defense dice in total during that round's Combat Phase, starting with the very next time the player uses those dice during the Combat Phase.

11. If a ship moves onto or through an Obstacle, can it perform any Actions later during the round?

No, a ship moving onto or through an Obstacle skips its Perform Actions step and also cannot perform additional Actions that round, such as through the use of Martok.

12. If a ship moves onto or through an Obstacle, can it still perform card text that does not require an Action (for example, can Martok still grant a free Action to another ship)?


13. When checking to see if a ship's attack is blocked by a planet or other obstruction, should you lay the Range Ruler flat or on its edge?

For the purposes of this rule, the line separating the two ships is considered infinitely thin, so lay the Range Ruler on its edge for greater accuracy.

14. If an ability takes place after a ship moves, when precisely does this ability trigger?

It triggers after Step 5 (Clean Up) of the ship's Activation Phase, before its Perform Action step.

15. If an attacking ship has somehow managed to acquire multiple Scan Tokens (e.g. Romulan Pilot, Captain Janeway), does the defender roll 1 less defense die for each Scan Token?


16. If one of my own cards requires me to "discard" or "disable" the card in order to activate its special ability, can I choose when to use this card (e.g. Worf (Starter), Uhura, McCoy)?


17. Is it possible for a ship to perform the Cloak Action and the Sensor Echo Action in the same round (e.g. through the use of Martok)?


18. In general, when can a ship perform a "free Action"?

If a card grants a free Action to a ship but does not specify when the free Action can be performed, the ship must perform the free Action during its Perform Actions step.

19. Is a ship considered to be in range of itself for targeting purposes?

No. If a ship's effect must be directed at ships within a certain range, the ship cannot target itself with that effect.

20. Is a ship with a 360º firing arc (such as the Borg Sphere) considered to have a forward firing arc and/or a rear firing arc?

No. Any ability which indicates the presence of a forward or rear firing arc does not apply to such a ship.
For example, a Borg Sphere could not fire most Photon Torpedoes or make use of Counter Attack. Nor could it make use of the Nuclear Warhead or the Ferengi EM Pulse (since it does not have a forward firing arc to direct the ability outside of). This also means that an opposing ship with Captain Valdore would not roll +1 attack die against the Borg Sphere.

21. Can a ship receive multiple Auxiliary Power Tokens (for example, by using Voyager's text on successive turns or by using Janeway's text on the U.S.S. Enterprise)?


22. Can an Upgrade be disabled more than once? If not, how does that affect cards that disable an Upgrade and then do something with that Upgrade afterwards?

No. Cards that disable an Upgrade and then do something afterwards have no effect on a disabled Upgrade. However, an effect that does something to an Upgrade and then disables it (like the Borg Assimilation Tubules) can still be used; simply ignore the placement of the new Disabled Token.

23. What is the definition of a "normal Action," as used in card text?

A normal Action is the Action you take as your one Action for the round. This includes Actions on your ship's Upgrade Bar, as well as most Actions available in card text. A "free Action" is not a normal Action.

24. Is rolling defense dice optional (for example, can I refuse to roll defense dice when I use the Feedback Pulse)?

No, you must roll all defense dice that you are entitled to.

25. How does a 360 Firing Arc work?

If an enemy ship is within range 1-3 of the base of a ship with a 360 firing arc, it can be attacked by that ship's Primary Weapon or any Secondary Weapon equipped to that ship that does not refer to a forward or rear firing arc in its card text.


1. When the Enterprise-D uses its special ability, is it considered to be using its Primary Weapon? If so, does that mean it gains +1 attack die at Range 1?

Yes and yes.

2. If the Valdore performs two Green Maneuvers during the same Activation Phase, does it receive its attack bonus twice?

No. The Valdore's text only checks to see if you have performed at least one Green Maneuver.

3. If the Kraxon uses its ability to absorb damage, can it trigger the text on its Counter Attack Upgrade? If the Kraxon only absorbs part of the damage received by my other ship, can both the Kraxon and that other ship trigger the text on their separate Counter Attack Upgrades?

Yes and yes.

4. If Antimatter Mines are dropped on top of the Defiant, is it still considered to be "defending," even though it does not roll any defense dice?

Yes. However, this is not the case when the Defiant moves into mines (Antimatter or Cloaked) on a later turn.

5. Can the Rav Laerst's special Sensor Echo text be augmented by Synon?


6. What happens if spinning a Borg ship causes its base to physically overlap another ship base, obstacle, or minefield?

For obstacles and minefields, only the Maneuver Template and final position of the Borg ship base matter. So if you spin onto an obstacle / minefield prior to movement, you are not affected. For other ships, this is not considered to be actually bumping a ship (i.e. you don't lose your Action). For practicality sake, the players should move the ship away from the other ship prior to movement, however.

7. When Borg Sphere 4270 uses its text to fire at two different ships at Range 1, does it receive the +1 bonus against both ships?

Yes. This is the case even though the ship is making one attack against two targets.


1. If a Captain is disabled for any reason, what is the Skill Number of his ship?

A ship with a disabled Captain has a Skill Number of 1. (It is assumed that a minor crew member has taken over for him.)

2. If James T. Kirk is on a non-Federation ship, must he pay +1 for his face down Federation Elite Talent Upgrades?

Yes, his ability changes the printed cost to 3, but does not exclude his Elite Talent Upgrades from the Faction Penalty.

3. Does Clark Terrell's ability add +1 defense die to his own ship, or just his allies' ships?

Clark Terrell does not add +1 defense die to his own ship.

4. Can the effect of Riker's Action trigger multiple times during the same round?


5. If Martok's ship uses an ability that provides an additional maneuver, is this considered an extra "move" for purposes of triggering Martok's card text? (Negh'Var version)

No. When a Captain or Upgrade refers to a "move," it is only referring to the ship's initial movement for the turn. It does not apply to any bonus maneuvers that the ship might perform during the turn.

6. Does Martok's ability allow him to add +1 attack to his own ship, or just his allies' ships? (OP KIT 2 version)

Martok's ability does not affect his own ship.

7. If a Captain is disabled by Chang (or a similar effect) and has his or her Captain Skill reduced to "1", does that Captain potentially lose his or her chance to become the next active ship during the Activation Phase?

No. That ship is now considered the ship with "the next lowest Captain Skill".

8. If a Captain is disabled by Chang (or a similar effect), can that Captain's ship spend an Action to remove the Disabled Token? If so, can the Captain immediately use his or her card text?

Yes and yes. Note that this is particularly good for Picard (since he can now perform a free Action) but does nothing for Martok (Negh'Var version) since Martok's text can only be used after he moves (i.e. before he takes an Action).

9. Can Mirok be used to repair critical damage? If so, can he repair any face up Damage Card of his choice before repairing normal damage?

Yes and yes.

10. Does Gul Dukat allow you to perform an Evade or Battle Stations Action on a ship that does not have these Actions in its Action Bar?


11. Can Captain Sulu disable a Crew Upgrade that is already disabled?


12. What happens when two opposing players activate Romulan Commander during the same round?

If both players activate Romulan Commander, then it's up to initiative to determine which Captain fires first. If both players have the same SP and same ship Faction, then it's up to a die roll. If this happens multiple times during a game, then you roll the dice each time. It's different than the normal "roll at the start of the game and it counts for the whole game" rule because the situation generates "ex nihilo" each time it happens.
And of course, the "Simultaneous Attack Rule" applies when two Romulan Commanders shoot at each other.

13. Is Bioship Alpha Pilot's ability optional?


14. How does the timing of Bioship Alpha Pilot's ability work? What happens when there are multiple Bioship Alpha Pilots in play?

Bioship Alpha Pilot's ability happens after all other maneuver dials (including your friendly ships) have been locked in. If there are multiple Bioship Alpha Pilots in play, then their abilities trigger in initiative order.

15. Can I use Drone Tokens even if the corresponding Captain is disabled?

Yes, you may use them for other Upgrade effects, but not for the text on the disabled Captain.


1. If a Captain is disabled for any reason, can his ship still use Elite Talent Upgrades?


2. Can the effect of Counter Attack trigger multiple times during the same round?

No. However, a player may choose to not trigger the effect if he wishes (e.g. to use the effect against a ship firing later in the round).

3. After playing Cheat Death, how many Damage Cards should my ship still have?

Your ship will have a number of Damage Cards equal to your Hull Value - 1. In other words, Cheat Death effectively puts you at 1 damage point away from destruction.

4. If I play Cheat Death after my ship is instantly destroyed (e.g. Warp Core Breach, Suicide Attack), what happens?

In this case you would add Damage Cards one at a time until the number of Damage Cards is equal to your Hull Value - 1. All face up Damage Cards would still be flipped face down as per the card's text.

5. Can Superior Intellect be used to steal a Borg Upgrade for a non-Borg ship?


6. Can the Full Alert Upgrade be played as a Free Action (e.g. with help from Janice Rand or Martok-8), assuming no other Free Actions had been taken before or after?



1. Can Data's ship perform an Evasive Maneuvers Action before using Data's Action (for example, by using Picard)?

No, Data's Action cannot be used during the same turn his ship uses the Evasive Maneuvers Action.

2. Does Sulu's bonus to Agility affect each of your defense rolls during that round?

Yes. Sulu adds to the ship's Agility score, which has more lasting effects than simply adding a set number of dice that round.

3. Can a ship with multiple Tactical Officers re-roll the attack dice several times (one for each Tactical Officer)?

No, because that would be a case of more than one Upgrade triggering off the same Target Lock token (see "Upgrade Card Abilities and Action Tokens," page 22).

4. When exactly does the Romulan Pilot's text trigger?

It triggers right after Step 5 (Clean Up) of the Activation Phase, before the ship's Perform Action step.

5. Is the Romulan Pilot's free Action considered a "Scan Action"? If not, can it be performed in addition to a Scan Action?

It is not considered a Scan Action and can be performed in addition to a regular Scan Action. This would allow a ship to have 2 Scan Tokens, each independently affecting enemy ships attacked that round.

6. Does the restriction on Seven of Nine's Adaptation Token (that you can only have 1 in play) apply to each player? Or can there only be one Adaptation Token in the game total?

Each player may posses 1 Adaptation Token.

7. If Seven of Nine (Voyager) is assimilated by the Borg, do her new masters get to use her adapted technology now?


8. Can Seven of Nine (Voyager) use her ability against an opponent's Ablative Generator? If so, how does this work? Can she do this multiple times?

Yes and yes: she can do this multiple times. When her ship activates the adapted Token, you must drop your own ship's Shields and de-Cloak, if applicable. Place all received Damage Cards beneath the Adaptation Token Reference Card for easy reference.

9. Can Maria Gilmore use her ability against an opponent's Ablative Generator? If so, how does this work? Can she do this multiple times?

Yes, but unlike Seven of Nine's ability, Maria's ability does not allow you to absorb Damage Cards since you are not considered to actually possess a copy of the Upgrade. The effects of Maria's ability expire at the end of the round.

10. When I assign the Emergency Medical Hologram or The Doctor to a particular Upgrade Slot during Set-Up, are they committed to that particular slot for the rest of the game?



1. If I spend my Target Lock to fire a Secondary Weapon (such as a Photon Torpedo), can I also use my Target Lock to re-roll attack dice?

No. Keep in mind that the Gor Portas' text presents an exception to his rule.

2. If my ship does not possess a rear firing arc, can I still fire a Torpedo from the rear of my ship if the Torpedo specifies it can be fired from the forward or rear firing arcs?

No. As per page 20 of the full rules of play, you must actually possess a rear firing arc to fire a Torpedo from the aft section of your ship.

3. If a Ship, Captain or Upgrade provides a bonus to my attack, does this apply to my Secondary Weapons as well?

Yes, unless specified otherwise.

4. Can I choose to fire the Forward Weapons Grid at only 1 enemy ship?

No, you cannot fire the Forward Weapons Grid unless there are at least two different enemy ships in your forward firing arc.

5. If my ship has an Energy Dampening Token (due to the Breen's Energy Dissipator), is my ship still considered to be performing a Straight White 1 Maneuver on the following turn? Would this allow me to perform an Action such as the one on the Cochraine Deceleration Maneuver afterwards?

Yes and yes.

6. Does the Minefield Token follow the normal rules for Obstacles?

No. The Minefield Token is keyed to the text on the related Weapon Upgrade and does not add an additional die of damage or cause the loss of an Action like a normal Obstacle does. However, as per the rulebook on p. 23, the Minefield does obstruct fire like a normal Obstacle.

7. Must the Antimatter Mines be placed entirely within the Range 1 portion of my rear firing arc?

No, the Antimatter Mines can be placed anywhere that is at least partially in the Range 1 portion of your rear firing arc.

8. After firing the Antimatter Mines, does the Minefield Token remain in the play area for the duration of the game?


9. Can the attack dice rolled for Antimatter Mines be modified in any way?

Yes, but only when you drop the Minefield Token directly on top of another ship. In this case, the number of attack dice can be altered by card effects such as Scotty, Kyle, and Donatra. Special Upgrade powers that modify dice (such as Spock and Drex) are also effective in this case, and you may also substitute the Elite Attack Die for one of the normal attack dice. However, since the Antimatter Mines are a special form of attack that do not follow the normal rules of the Combat Phase, you cannot use Target Lock or Battle Stations tokens to modify the attack dice (and your opponent cannot use Evade tokens to cancel hits).
If a ship later moves onto or through an already placed Minefield Token, the dice cannot be altered at all, even by card effects such as Scotty, Kyle, and Donatra.

10. Must I place my Cloaked Mines at the start of the Planning Phase, or can I wait until after everyone has set their Maneuver Dials?

You place your Cloaked Mines at the start of the Planning Phase. This does not mean that other players can negate your ability to use the Cloaked Mines by quickly placing their Maneuver Dials. It simply means that after you place your Cloaked Mines, your opponents are free to alter their Maneuver Dials.

11. If the trigger areas for two Cloaked Mines overlap, does an enemy ship passing through the overlapping trigger area sustain damage from both Cloaked Mines?

No. In this case the ship would only be damaged by one of the Cloaked Mines.
However, if a ship passes through (and completely out of) the trigger area of one Cloaked Mine and into the trigger area of another Cloaked Mine, then the ship sustains damage from both Cloaked Mines.

12. If a ship starts its move within Range 1 of an enemy's Cloaked Mine, does it take damage when it moves this turn?

This works the same as the normal rules for a Minefield Token (see p. 23), just with a wider range. If the ship moves beyond the Cloaked Mine's Range, then it does not receive damage again this turn. But if it stays within the Cloaked Mine's Range, then it is does receive damage again this turn.

13. If a ship attacks normally during the Combat Phase, can it later be used to assist during a Barrage of Fire?

No. A ship cannot attack normally and participate in the Barrage of Fire during the same turn.

14. If a ship's attack is increased in some way, does this also boost its "Primary Weapon Value" for purposes of the Barrage of Fire?

No. Use the ship's printed "Primary Weapon Value." This can only be increased if the ship becomes your Flagship (OP Month 4).

15. If a Cloaked ship assists during a Barrage of Fire, must it flip its Cloak Token over to the red side?

Yes. The ship is still considered to have "fired" this turn.

16. If a ship assists during a Barrage of Fire, can it later assist another Barrage of Fire during the same Combat Phase?

No. Since Barrage of Fire is a Weapon Upgrade, the assisting ship is considered to have already participated in a Secondary Weapon attack, which is a normal attack.

17. Do Concussive Charges deal damage in addition to removing tokens?


18. How do Concussive Charges deal with special tokens like the Ablative Generator Token (Voyager) and the Drone Tokens?

The Ablative Generator Token would be removed immediately; the opponent's ship would be without armor or shields until the End Phase. However, the Concussive Charges have no effect against the Drone Tokens placed beside the ship, as they are simply reference tokens; consider them synonymous with the ship's Captain ID Token.

19. When attacking with a Borg Missile, do you place 1 Auxiliary Power Token for each uncanceled Hit or Critical Hit beside the target ship?

Yes.  For each uncanceled Hit or Critical Hit from a Borg Missile Attack, place 1 Auxiliary Power Token beside the target ship.  This is in addition to destroying 1 Active Shield (if any) for each uncanceled Hit or Critical Hit.


1. How long does the effect of the Tractor Beam last?

The Tractor Beam only lasts until the end of the current Round.

2. When precisely does the text on the Interphase Generator activate?

The Interphase Generator takes effect during Step 7 of the Combat Phase (Deal Damage). The [Hit] symbol should have been replaced with the word "damage." This damage cannot be cancelled by an Evade result.

3. Is Suicide Attack considered an "attack" for card text purposes?

Yes. Keep in mind that Scan, Target Lock, Evade, and Battle Stations tokens cannot be used during a Suicide Attack because it does not follow the normal Combat sequence. Moreover, a Cloaked ship does not roll +4 defense dice against a Suicide Attack because this bonus only applies during the Combat Phase.

4. Must I use the Positron Beam at the start of the Planning Phase, or can I wait until after everyone has set their Maneuver Dials?

You must use the Positron Beam at the start of the Planning Phase. This does not mean that other players can negate your ability to use the Positron Beam by quickly placing their Maneuver Dials. It simply means that after you use your Positron Beam, your opponents are free to alter their Maneuver Dials.

5. What is the exact sequence for using the Navigational Deflector against a Minefield?

The ship enters a minefield (or gets Antimatter Mines dropped on top of it). The minefield owner rolls attack dice. The ship can disable its Navigational Deflector to cancel 1 hit and roll defense dice against the remainder (no +4 bonus dice for Cloak unless it is the Combat Phase). Afterwards, the Navigational Deflector goes offline until the Disabled Token is removed.

6. While a ship affected by Quantum Singularity is outside the play area, is it still considered to be in play for the purposes of determining game victory?


7. What happens if a ship affected by Quantum Singularity is unable to enter the play area during the End Phase (i.e. due to a large number of ships spread out throughout the play area)?

The ship is destroyed if it cannot enter the play area during the End Phase.

8. Can a ship affected by Quantum Singularity return to the play area on top of an obstacle or planet?

You can place the ship anywhere that is entirely within the play area but not on top of something with which it cannot co-exist (Planet Token). When placed on top of an obstacle or Minefield Token (or close to a Cloaked Mine), it would suffer the same penalties as moving there.

9. When a ship uses the Feedback Pulse to defend itself, what happens to any critical damage that would be reflected back on the attacker?

It is converted into normal damage before reflecting back on the attacker.

10. Does the Feedback Pulse protect you from all forms of attack?

It protects you from anything defined as an attack, such as Suicide Attack or having an Anti-Matter Minefield dropped on top of your ship. It does not protect you from non-attack damage sources, such as Will Riker's text or running into a minefield during the Activation Phase.

11. Does the Feedback Pulse protect you from other effects besides damage (such as the effect of the Energy Dissipator or Concussive Charges)?


12. Can Transwarp Drive be triggered from In'cha?



1. Can Borg Ablative Hull Armor continue to absorb damage while it is disabled?


2. Does Borg Ablative Hull Armor protect you from non-damage effects, such as the Energy Dissipator?


3. If a player manages to assign Critical Hits to Borg Ablative Armor (such as through the use of Toreth), do those critical effects hurt the ship?

Ongoing effects against the ship (like Stunned Helmsman) do not have any effect. But immediate effects (like Direct Hit!) do occur.

4. What happens if I have two Borg Ablative Hull Armor Upgrades on the same ship?

When you receive damage, you must choose one of the Upgrades to receive all of the damage. You may, however, assign any excess damage to the other Upgrade.

5. Can a Borg ship's Regenerate Action be used to remove damage from the Borg Ablative Hull Armor?


6. Can I use Borg Assimilation Tubules against a unique Upgrade, even if this would give me 2 copies of that unique Upgrade?


7. When a Borg Tractor Beam Token is placed beside my ship, does it affect my current chosen Maneuver?

No. It only affects the Maneuvers that you may select during the Planning Phase.

8. If I steal the Ablative Generator Upgrade with the Assimilation Tubules, does the existing damage remain with the Ablative Generator Card?

Yes, all damage cards on the Ablative Generator remain with the card.

9. If your Ablative Generator is active (i.e. the token is beside the ship) and the card is stolen from you (e.g. by Assimilation Tubules), does the Ablative Generator Token remain beside your ship?

No, if you do not own the Ablative Generator during the End Phase, the Ablative Generator Token is discarded.   


1. How many different Resources can I include when building my fleet?

Each player can include a maxiumum of 1 Resource when building his or her fleet.

2. Can Resources from one storyline be used in future storylines?

Yes, although individual venues may choose to restrict their use.

3. How are Resources scored during tournaments?

If the winner of an Engagement completely eliminates his opponent's fleet, then he receives Fleet Points for his opponent's Resource. If the winner does not eliminate the opponent's entire fleet, he does not receive Fleet Points for his opponent's Resource.

4. Can I use more than one Command Token during the same round?

No, you may use only one Command Token during each game round.

5. When am I allowed to activate each of the different Command Tokens?

The Command Tokens are used as appropriate for the ability provided by the token.
• Tokens that provide a free Action are used during the ship's Perform Action step during the Activation Phase.
• Tokens that let you re-roll dice are used during the appropriate Modify Dice step of the Combat Phase.
• Tokens that are used "before rolling any of your [attack or defense] dice" are used right before rolling those dice.

6. Must I include one of each card type in order to make use of the Reinforcements Sideboard?


7. Must I pay a Faction penalty when placing cards on the Reinforcements Sideboard?


8. If an Upgrade has an additional cost if purchased for a ship other than the one listed on the card (e.g. Varel, Energy Dissipator), must I pay this penalty when adding the card to the Reinforcements Sideboard?

Yes, because the Upgrade is being added to the Sideboard instead of the indicated ship.

9. May I use the Reinforcements Sideboard more than once per game round?

No, you may only access the cards on the Reinforcements Sideboard once during each game round.

10. How are the cards on the Reinforcements Sideboard scored at the end of a tournament round?

The cards that start the game on the Reinforcements Sideboard are inextricably linked to the Sideboard for scoring purposes. Therefore, if a match ends in a tie, then any Sideboard cards currently on ships (or tucked under Ship Cards) do not count for scoring purposes. Any cards that started the match in play but which are now on the Reinforcements Sideboard are considered out of play as well, so they also do not count for scoring purposes.
If a player eliminates all of his opponent's ships, then he scores 10 points for that opponent's Reinforcements Sideboard. If a player does not eliminate his opponent's ships, then he does not score those points.

11. If Khan (Reliant version) is the Captain of a ship when a cross-faction card is placed from the Sideboard onto his ship, is an Auxiliary Power Token still placed beside the ship?


12. May I place Borg Upgrades on the Reinforcements Sideboard?


13. When designating a non-Independent ship as an Independent Flagship, does the ship now possess both Factions? If so, does this remove Faction penalties for Independent cards placed on that ship?

Yes and yes. For initiative purposes, use the ship's original printed Faction. Using an Independent Flagship also allows the use of Independent cards on a non-Independent Ship when using the United Force Admiral's Order.

14. Does the Primary Weapon bonus on a Flagship card increase the damage of the Enterprise-D's special ability?


15. How exactly does the Independent Flagship that grants a "2nd Action listed on its Action Bar as free Action this round" work?

The Independent Flagship can only grant the free Action to a ship that has already performed exactly 1 Action (of any kind) during that round. The free Action must be from the target ship's Action Bar.

16. Is the Full About Maneuver a Red Maneuver?



1. Are Space Stations (e.g. DS9, Scenario Space Stations) and Stationary Platforms (OWPs, PDTs) considered "ships" for card text purposes?

Yes, but these "Stations" also follow several special rules as detailed below.

2. Can any special abilities allow a Station to move?

No. This also means that a Station cannot perform a Sensor Echo Action.

3. Can a Station ever have its Agility increased (e.g. Hikaru Sulu)?

No, although Stations can benefit from abilities that increase overall defense dice (Cloaking, Tetryon Emissions, etc.)

4. Can a Station be damaged by Antimatter Mines?

Yes, but only during the turn that the Mines are dropped directly on the Station. A Station does not receive damage from Mines on subsequent turns.

5. Can a Station be designated as a Flagship using the Flagship Resource?


6. Is it possible for a Station to remove an Auxiliary Power Token or an Energy Dampening Token?

Yes. During a Station's turn to act during the Activation Phase, it removes 1 Auxiliary Power Token or 1 Energy Dampening Token automatically at the end of Step 5 (Clean Up).


1. The Tournament Guidelines are contradictory regarding the number of points given to a player who receives a Bye. What is the correct amount?

A player receiving a Bye gains 2 points (not 3).

2. Can members of the Away Team use their abilities while on DS9?

No. The only information retained by the Away Team is the Captain's Skill Number.

3. Can you clarify the text regarding battles between opposing Away Teams on Deep Space 9?

The text for this is being revised for greater clarity in later OP Kits:
The player with the highest Captain Skill on DS9 rolls 1 attack die for every card that is in his Away Team; the other player rolls 1 defense die for every card that is in his Away Team. For every uncancelled [Hit] result, the defending player discards 1 Captain or [Crew] Upgrade of his choice from his Away Team. After the player with the higher Captain Skill attacks, the player with the lower Captain Skill attacks with the remaining members of his Away Team in the same way.
If both players have the same highest Captain Skill, then the player with initiative attacks first; however, any defeated Captains or Crew may fire back before being discarded as per the Simultaneous Attack Rule.
Note: If a player has no Captain on DS9, his Away Team is considered to have a Captain Skill of 1.

4. Can I send multiple Captains to DS9?

Yes, all of your cards (even from different ships) are part of the same Away Team. Only use the Captain Skill of your best Captain.

5. If an Away Team's ship is destroyed, what happens to the Away Team?

For purposes of the OP scenario, the Away Team survives on DS9.

6. If DS9 is destroyed, what happens to any Away Teams that are aboard it?

They are destroyed (i.e. discarded from play).

7. Can DS9 fire out of both exposed Pylons, as well as the Main Body, during the same turn? If so, what is DS9's firing arc?

Yes, DS9 can attack with both exposed Pylons and the Main Body every turn. At Range 1-2, its firing arc is in all directions. At Range 3, use the individual Pylons to determine firing arc.

8. How does using the DS9 Token work in normal battles outside the tournament?

• DS9 is not a "normal" ship, and therefore it is only allowed if both players agree to its inclusion. It is certainly not allowed in tournament play unless the scenario specifically calls for it (i.e. you can't fill out your tournament squadron with a DS9 Token!).
• If both players agree to permit DS9 in their game, then the players can either agree on its placement (such as in the dead center of the play area) or perhaps have the owner place it within range 2 of his starting area.
• Alternatively, you can decide that no player controls DS9 and place it equidistant from each Starting Area; in this case, the station costs 0 Squadron Points. Use the rules for taking control of the station from the OP Kit instructions. The main thing here is to make sure both players agree and have a good time!
• Each Pylon, as well as the main body of DS9, can fire independently, giving it a potential 4 attacks per round. When firing from the main body of DS9, you start measuring range from the outside edge of the token.
• For purposes of initiative between DS9's two visible Factions, DS9 is considered to use the Faction with the higher initiative (in this case, Federation).
• DS9 does not move under any circumstances, even as the result of Captain or Upgrade abilities (e.g. Gul Ranor).
• DS9 and all space stations used in Missions are considered "ships" for purposes of card text. However, card text that causes a space station to move is ineffective.
• Secondary Weapons can only be fired from the Pylons on DS9 (not from the Main Body).


1. Do the OWPs receive +1 attack die at Range 1?

No, they are considered special weapons and do not receive this bonus.

2. Does the debris count as an intervening obstacle when defending against an OWP?

Yes, you would receive +1 defense die when defending against an OWP if debris is in the line of fire.

3. Are OWPs considered "ships" for card text purposes?

Yes. They are considered "enemy ships" and "opponents."


1. During Setup, are the extra Ground Troop and SAM Tokens assigned to a particular ship?

No. They are placed beside your Ship Cards but can enter play whenever any ship uses the related Action.

2. Are the Fleet Points for occupying AR-558 awarded to both the winner and loser of the engagement?


3. Do the Fleet Points awarded for occupying AR-558 help determine the winner in the case of a tie?



1. Do the PDTs receive +1 attack die at Range 1?

No, they are considered special weapons and do not receive this bonus.

2. Are PDTs considered "ships" for card text purposes?

Yes. They are considered "enemy ships" and "opponents."

3. Do the PDTs that are blocked by the planet contribute to the total dice rolled for PDT attacks that round?



1. Is the terrain placed before the ships?



1. Is there a way to survive being outside the boundaries defined by the web, such as Sensor Echo or Cheat Death?

No. Being outside the web is like being outside the play area for all gameplay purposes.

2. Can Energy Web Tokens be free standing?


3. If I move, and at the end of that move the Guide Token is overlapping an enemy ship, does this count as placing an EWT on top of it for the purposes of damage?


4. If I end my movement with a ship on my Guide Token, and then I place an EWT which would also end up hitting that ship, will it take damage again?


5. Do you include Guide Tokens when determining how much damage an EWT will deal?


6. Can a ship sensor echo over an EWT token to the other side of it, and if so, does it take damage?

Yes, a ship can perform a Sensor Echo Action through an EWT if only the Maneuver Template, and not the ship's base, overlaps the EWT. And NO, it would not suffer damage from this.

7. If a ship hits two or more EWTs in the same movement, does it take damage from each of them?

No, unless the EWTs belong to different opponents (e.g. in a 3-player game).

8. Does a ship lose its "Perform Action" step if its base or Maneuver Template overlaps an EWT?



1. What happens if you destroy the opponent's fleet before the Captain's Battle begins?

The game ends immediately when you destroy your opponent’s fleet.

2. When the last Mission Token is removed, do you place an Away Team Token on a Captain Card on your Reinforcement Sideboard?

No. The Reinforcements Sideboard cannot be utilized during the Captains’ Battle.

3. When the last Mission Token is removed, are all other tokens left the play area (i.e. Minefields, Web Tokens, etc.)?

No.  All tokens are removed from the play area. The battle is considered to have been moved to a different location in space.

4. During the Captains’ Battle, does the defender roll any defense dice?  


5. Can I use the Elite Attack Die or the Command Tokens during the Captains' Battle?  

Yes, the Elite Attack Die and the 3 Command Tokens that affect your attack dice can be used during the Captains' Battle.
Each "round" of the Captains' Battle begins with the Captain with the highest skill and ends with the Captain with the lowest skill. Once each Captain has attacked, the next round begins.

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