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These are the sets in the Starfire game series.

Starfire (Eagle Games)

Board Game: Starfire
Starfire (1975)
Early prototype from Eagle Games Limited (II).
Contained only a blank hex sheet and one page of rules.

Starfire First Edition Sets

Board Game: Starfire
Starfire (1979)
The original “Pocket Game” from Task Force Games.
It contained 108 Counters, a Rulebook, and a 28x34 hex blue map.First Edition Expansions
Board Game: Starfire II
Starfire II (1980)
Added fighters to Starfire. It contained 108 Counters, a Rulebook,
and a 28x34 hex blue map.
Board Game: Starfire III: Empires
Starfire III: Empires (1982)
Added a campaign system for Starfire. It contained a Rulebook, and a small
campaign map.

Starfire Second Edition Sets

Board Game: Starfire
Starfire Second Edition (1984)
This came in a boxed edition.
It contained the counters from Starfireand Starfire II for a total of 216 Counters.
It included a Rulebook with the rules from Starfire and Starfire II with additions and errata.
It include a larger 30x42 hex black map, a Player’s Information Card, and dice.Second Edition Expansions
Board Game: Starfire: New Empires
Starfire: New Empires (1985)
Added a campaign system to Starfire Second Edition as Starfire III: Empires did for Starfire.
Board Game: Starfire: The Gorm-Khanate War
Starfire: The Gorm-Khanate War (1985)
Added the Gorm race and a campaign for their war with the Orions.

Starfire Third Edition Sets

Board Game: Starfire (3rd Edition)
Starfire (3rd Edition) (1992)
A complete revision of the original rules. This version also added a ten sided die to replace
two six sided dice. It also contained 432 Counters, a Rulebook, and 30x42 hex map. Third Edition Expansions
Board Game: Imperial Starfire
Imperial Starfire (1993)
Added a campaign system for Starfire (3rd Edition). It contained 540 Counters, a Rulebook,
and large campaign maps.
Board Game: The Stars at War
The Stars at War (1993)
Included the scenarios and “future history” of the First, Second, and Third Interstellar Wars,
and the Gorm-Khanate War. This product combined with Starfire (3rd Edition) could play out the tactical
combat and scenarios of the original game.
Board Game: Starfire: First Contact
Starfire: First Contact (1993)
An expansion for Starfire (3rd Edition) that added the Vestrii and Corsairs of Tangri to the Starfire
“future history”, and included the scenarios for the tactical combat. The expansion included
108 Counters, Quick Reference Card, and the Rulebook.
Board Game: Starfire: Crusade
Starfire: Crusade (1994)
This scenario book added the scenarios for the “future history” of the Theban War.
Based on the David Weber Starfire book of the same name.
Board Game: Starfire: Alkelda Dawn
Starfire: Alkelda Dawn (1994)
An expansion for Imperial Starfire that added the scenarios and campaign for the “future history”
of the Vestrii introduced in Starfire: First Contact. It included a campaign map, Rulebook, and 108 Counters.
Board Game: Starfire (3rd Edition)
Starfire: Sky Marshal #1 (1995)
A Starfire journal containing fiction, scenarios, questions and answers, and errata.

Starfire Fourth Edition

Board Game: Galactic Starfire
Galactic Starfire (2000)
Complete redesign of the Starfire system to address game balance and ease of campaign gameplay.
Released as a box set with counters and a 4-part map.
Family: Game: Starfire
Elite Starfire (2002)
An electronic document with improvements and new material
for the Galactic Starfire rules.

Starfire Fifth Edition

Family: Game: Starfire
Ultra Starfire (2004)
A vast improvement to the Galactic Starfire rules, this edition made even larger changes to the
campaign rules and included hundreds of pages of additional resource materials. Design primarily
for player versus player competitive game play. Released as an electronic document available for
download or on CD.

Starfire Sixth Edition

Board Game: Solar Starfire
Solar Starfire (2012)
Started as an upgrade to Ultra Starfire, these rules have become a living rule set by a new team
of developers. The rules are being built for the new background story, the History of the Terran
Solar Union. The first iteration of the rules is available as an electronic document for download
or on CD, with new iterations every six months.

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