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Tactical Combat Series (TCS) wargames was first published by The Gamers and then now by MMP.

(from MMP webpage:)
"The Tactical Combat Series (TCS) brings the detail of small unit combat to the gaming table. Taking the role of Battalion or Company commander, TCS requires players to skillfully plan their assaults and their defenses through written Operations Sheets (Op Sheets). Units must follow orders as outlined on their Op Sheets. Unexpected circumstances can require split second decisions. Making these decisions is the easy part. Getting the orders to your troops, however, is another matter entirely."

Games in the series

  1. Bloody 110
  2. Objective: Schmidt
  3. Force Eagle's War
  4. Omaha
  5. Matanikau: Battles on the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal, 1942
  6. GD '40
  7. Hunters from the Sky
  8. Black Wednesday: The Battle of Krasni Bor, 10-11 Feb 1943
  9. Leros
  10. GD '41
  11. Semper Fi!
  12. A Raging Storm
  13. A Frozen Hell: The Battle of Tolvajärvi, Russo-Finnish War, 1939
  14. Screaming Eagles in Holland: The 101st Airborne Division's Defense of Hell's Highway, 22-23 September, 1944
  15. Bloody Ridge
  16. GD '42: Grossdeutschland
  17. Canadian Crucible: Brigade Fortress at Norrey
  18. Ariete: The Battle of Bir el Gubi, Libya November 1941

- Body Count: Five Battles in Vietnam 1965–1969 -- Project, not published yet



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