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A series of games and addons originally designed by Robert Harris (third edition by Jervis Johnson) and published by Games Workshop Ltd..

Talisman First Edition

Board Game: Talisman

Published: 1983
Designed by: Robert Harris

Talisman Second Edition

Board Game: Talisman

Published: 1985
Designed by: Robert Harris

Second Edition Expansions

Board Game: Talisman Expansion Set
Expansion Set
Board Game: Talisman: The Adventure
The Adventure
Board Game: The Talisman Dungeon
Board Game: Talisman Timescape
Board Game: Talisman City
Board Game: Talisman Dragons

White Dwarf articles
  • 72 The Jewel in the Crown: Talisman cards and commentry
  • 115 Talisman Master Level Characters: new guys for Talisman
  • 160 Talisman: a look at the game

Talisman Third Edition

Board Game: Talisman (Third Edition)

Published: 1994
Designed by: Jervis Johnson

Third Edition Expansions

Board Game: Talisman (Third Edition): City of Adventure
City of Adventure
Board Game: Talisman (Third Edition): Dungeon of Doom
Dungeon of Doom
Board Game: Talisman (Third Edition): Dragon's Tower
Dragon's Tower

White Dwarf articles
  • 175 A look at the new completely revised edition of Talisman
  • 177 A look at Dungeon of Doom, new Talisman expansion, 4 new characters
  • 179 A look at City of Adventure, new Talisman expansion, 2 new characters
  • 185 A look at Dragon's Tower, new Talisman expansion, 2 new characters
  • 205 Talisman Revisited: tips on getting the most out of Talisman

Talisman Fourth Edition

Board Game: Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)

Published: Black Industries (2007)
Designed by: Robert Harris

Board Game: Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)

Published: Fantasy Flight Games (2008)
Designed by: Robert Harris

The fourth edition of Talisman was originally published by Black Industries, released in 2007. Fantasy Flight Games acquired the license when Black Industries ceased the publication of board games. An upgrade pack was produced so that those who had purchased the Black Industries version would still be able to use the forthcoming expansions.

Upgrade Pack

Board Game Accessory: Talisman: Upgrade Pack
Talisman Upgrade Pack

Talisman: Figures

Board Game Accessory: Talisman: Figures

Published: beginning in 1983

Games Workshop has released many Talisman: Figures to replace the cardboard figures that come with the game.
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