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Team Olympics

The Conspiracy

Edom's Responses

Dracula's Responses

The Dossier


    • Infiltrated Britain in the 1890. Activities since unknown
    • Recently activated by Edom to hunt terrorists


    • Project founded in 1890 to make Dracula a pawn of Britain. Closed down when that failed
    • Re-established in 1940 to bring Dracula to allied side
    • Fought infiltrators in the Secret Service in 1977
    • Fights terrorists today. Otherwise status and assets unknown.

The Dossier itself

    • Written by Bram Stoker


    • Hunted spies in 1977

"Van Sloan"

    • Secret mission in Romania in 1940


    • Found the Dossier in 2011
    • Presumed dead — murdered
    • Real name: Cassandra Irving
    • Boyfriend is Oliver Tate, a political advisor to an MP

Laurel Dene (journalist)

    • Contact of "Hopkins"
    • Pawn of the Russian FSB. Her handler is Dmitri Lobanov

Dmitri Lobanov

    • Lives in the East End and works as a plumber.
    • Laurel told him about Cassandra and the Dossier.
    • Seems very interested in Edom.
    • Mentioned in notes: 166, 168, 225 and 228

Francesca Collins (volcanologist)

    • She is mentioned in note 32
    • Has had Contact with Hopkins
    • Works as an volcanologist near Bistritz (and possibly the original location of Castle Dracula). Her work entails putting up monitoring stations for earthquakes
    • Her employer is the National Institute of Earth Physics in Romania (notes 32 and 186)
    • Working with her is a man called Elvis (mention in note 16).
      • He is supposed to be a professor at the University of Exeter, but that seems to be a cover
      • He has other people working for him in Bistritz, which seems to be tasked with keeping taps on assets involved in the Conspiracy.

Doctor Brooks Galbrath (Archaeologist)

    • Received a Grant from the Caldwall Foundation
    • Works at a dig in Ireland at Dun Dreach-Fhola, a place with Vampire legends

Axel Logistics

    • Recently ended a large amount of contract from Eastern Europe, under the suspicion they were being used to send illegal items to Britain.
    • Contacts was picked up by Vasile Chitul. A Human Trafficker operating out of Romania.
      • Vasile supplied several locations in London, and was later killed by the Agents.
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