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FAQ for The Battle for Hill 218

Info taken from various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.
List of game FAQs

Supply is only necessary for deploying a (non-paratroop) unit, not for supporting an attack

A unit does not need to be in supply to support an attack - an out-of-supply unit can support the attack of a newly deployed unit. A unit needs to be in supply only when it is deployed (except for parachuters using their special ability to be deployed anywhere except the enemy base).

A unit only attacks once, when deployed

When a unit is deployed, it immediately attacks one enemy unit (if elegible) but will never attack again after that. It may support any number of later attacks made by other friendly units. (And it can support attacks regardless of whether it is itself in supply or not.)

Support targets the enemy target, not the friendly attacker

In an attack, the supporting unit also needs to target the enemy target space (not your friendly firing unit).

Airstrikes increase your hand size

If you airstrike, you still draw 2 cards for the next turn. Thus your hand size increases as you air strike. (Or you can consider that your 2 airstrike cards are effectively in your hand.)

It is legal to airstrike the enemy base

It is perfectly legal to airstrike the enemy base. (And then deploy a unit into it, for example...)

Supplied parachuters can be deployed into the enemy base

The restriction about parachuters not parachuting into an enemy base is only relevant if they are using the special out of supply parachute drop ability. If they are deployed in supply as normal units, they may go into the enemy base.

Artillery attacks farther away

Look closely at the artillery firing diagram: there is a space between the artillery's location and its first possible target! Artillery cannot hit a unit directly in front of it.

An airstrike must destroy an enemy unit

You cannot use an airstrike if you don't destroy an enemy unit.

You can draw at the end of your turn to speed play

To speed play, you can draw cards for your next turn at the end of your current turn, instead of waiting for the start of your next turn.

Ties are possible

If the game ends with no bases captured and both players having equal points, then it's simply a tie.

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