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The Dice Tower Gaming Awards


The Dice Tower Awards are an annual award giving, hosted by the Dice Tower Network. Games are nominated by a committee of prominent podcasters and bloggers from the board gaming hobby.

There are 14 categories:

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Family Game
  • Best New Designer
  • Best Game Reprint
  • Best Production Value(starting with 2009)
  • Best Small Publisher
  • Best Party Game(starting with 2009)
  • Best Game Expansion
  • Most Innovative Game
  • Best Game Artwork
  • Best Game Theming(starting with 2011)
  • Best Two-Player Game(starting with 2013)
  • Best Co-op Game(starting with 2013)
  • Best Strategy Game(starting with 2013)


  • Best War Game(2009-2012)

The purpose of the awards is to:

  • Encourage new developments and innovations in the board game industry.
  • Promote board and card games to a larger audience
  • Award the best games in different categories released each year.
  • Present a slate of games with wide appeal from a variety of genres.
  • Point out games that are simply fun!


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