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1. Introduction

The Wargamer was launched by UK Wargamers (UKW) in 1977 as a magazine with a wargame inside every issue. Within a year, UKW became World Wide Wargames (3W).

3W (World Wide Wargames) was started in the UK by Keith Poulter. After a few years he moved production to the USA. The magazine switched from bi-monthly to monthly publication starting in 1984. 3W bought Strategy & Tactics magazine after having published 62 issues of The Wargamer, and decided that there wasn't enough of a market to support both publications. So they stopped including games in the Wargamer. As a consequence they retroactively refered to issues 1-62 as The Wargamer Volume 1, though this was never included in the titulage of those magazines. And the subsequent (gameless) issues of the Wargamer were then refered to as "Volume 2", and were numbered from 1 again.

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