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Help for the Geek Toolbar

The Geek web pages do not have context sensitive help. So here is a list of wiki pages that you can spin though to learn the choice options on the Board Game Geek Tool Bar. If you're using a browser that lets you use tabs, then you can have a help page open in one tab while you're using the actual Geek web page in another.

The Board Game Geek Toolbar can be divided into the following five areas. You can drill down into each area using the links below in the Area column.

BGG Logo
User: herace

User Access Area
User: herace

Menu Bar Area
User: herace

Search Box Area
User: herace

QuickBar Area
User: herace

Although the web browser is not part of the Geek Toolbar, it is at this high level of user interaction. It is possible to type commands into your browser's web address field to go deep into the Geek to access functions which are not available from the toolbar. These commands have been documented in forums, or wiki pages, and collected here. In general you wouldn't type these commands into your browser of course, but execute them from here, your QuickBar, a wiki article, or a forum post.

Help Page
Browser Commands
Useful commands which could be type into your web browser.
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