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The Trade Finder is a BGG feature that allows you to trade games.
You can find it under "Market" -> "Trades" .

You can then use the Custom Search or Direct Match Method to find trade partners.

Direct Matches gives you a list of all the users who have games that you want, AND also have wants that match your "For Trade" list.

Custom Search allows you to specify which of your wants and your "for trade" games that you want to include in the search. It also allows you to specify the state (USA only) and the country to narrow down your results. If you are finding that you are getting no matches, try loosening up your restrictions.

The BoardGameGeek Trade Manager manages your trade proposals. It tracks them and allows you to give feedback on completed trades.
Click on View Your Trades to find your own data.

See Guide To Trading for more information.

An alternative to finding direct (between you and someone else) trades is to look at math trades

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