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The Triple-Flips series of games, published in 1981, all came in plastic, spring-loaded pocket cases. On the cover was a selector where you could pick which of the three included games you wanted to play, and then when you press the latch down, it would flip open to that game. A small die and magnetic pawns were also included in the case. Some of the Triple-Flips came with one fewer pawn but two dice.

During the initial production run, there were five different Triple-Flips in the collection. In later production, ten total Triple Flips were available.

The Different Triple-Flips:

  1. Horses
  2. Monsters
  3. Wild Animals
  4. Sci-Fiction
  5. Police Rescue
  6. Sports
  7. Great Adventures
  8. Auto Racing
  9. More Sports
  10. Disasters

Compare with Flipsiders and Klix.

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