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Many small contests have been run on the initiative of individual users. Sometimes these take the form of GeekLists, and others are more free format using the Forums.

Notable GeekList Contests

Game at a Time Stories, run by porter235
Geeklists where the each entry adds to the ongoing story. Random awards of geekgold are awarded to participants.

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$GeekGold$ Jeopardy, run by Gialmere

Gialmere's $GeekGold$ contests run for a duration of one week each. The main contest, along with daily mini contests, take place in the list part of the GeekList. These usually involve creative writing, and prizes are handed out based on the quality of the contributions.

Gialmere's Jeopardy is a non-stop contest with GeekGold prizes, running in the comment section of the same GeekList. This is a test of wits, geek knowledge, and lightning fast reflexes.

Board Game Gladiators, by blunxy

In Blunxy's gladiator fights, each participant builds a team of three board games. Based on their database statistics and some added special powers, these games are then thrown into a fight to the death. Prizes are awarded for last game standing, longest kill list, and first game down.

One-shot GeekList contests, by various users

Guess The Games contests, by various users

Notable Forum Contests

I'm With Stupid, run by SybotCB

Inspired By Tanga (and others), run by simonh

Name That Game - Font Contests, run by matthan

Manowarplayer's Annual Christmas Game Giveaway, run by manowarplayer

Meet the Checkers - 6 Diagrams of International Checkers, run by anemaat

Other Notable Contests

SdJ Virtual Stock Market, run by mkgray

Board to Death TV's Monthly Giveaway

Mohrlock's Monthly Geekgold Giveaway, run by Mohrlock

And also Mohrlock's Annual Profile Competition;

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