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This page is for RPGS. For board games, see BoardGameGeek. For video games, see VideoGameGeek.

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The Official RPG Geek User Guide

This guide is designed to make it easier for you to integrate with RPG Geek. We know that the front page looks a bit like the cockpit of an F-16 Fighter Jet. But just think of the power under the hood! This page is your guide to all things RPG Geek. Once you get familiar with our data-centric model you should have no problem navigating the site and getting the maximum out of the community. We hope that the RPG Geek will be a fantastic gathering place for the active role-playing community. We welcome collectors, players, publishers, and anyone interested in the hobby of role-playing games at any level!

If this is your first time here, you should check out the RPG Geek Welcome Page which lists our Guiding Principles and some other helpful links. That page will launch in a new window - when you're done viewing it, close that window and return here. See you when you get back!

Video Introduction to RPG Geek

Take a 15 minute video tour of the site!

Here for One Thing?

Many folks come to the Geek for just one thing. It might be to find players in their area. It might be to add something to our database. It might be to find a review on a game. Whatever your one thing is, hopefully we've got it covered right here! If you're interested in everything the Geek has to offer, read them all! Contact an Admin to ask a question Find Comments, Images, Reviews or Session Reports for an existing game (Book, Magazine, etc) Catalog your RPG Collection Discuss a game or ask a rules question Browse Games or Products by Ranking Get Recommendations on Games that might be suitable for you Add a new game, book, magazine, etc. to the RPG Geek Database Provide a simple 1-10 rating for a game or book or leave a comment for a product Write a Review for an existing database entry Write a Session Report for game played Start or find a Play by Forum game Move a thread from one forum to another (or a sub-forum) Record the play of a game with notes Simplify and customize what I see on the front page Remove banner advertisements from the front page Announce some news about my Game, Product or Website Link my Designer/Artist/Publisher page to my Geek user account Update a Designer/Artist entry with more detail Sell or Trade a game from your personal collection Find other Roleplaying Gamers in my Area Upload a picture (cover image, logo, in-game play, etc) for any game Correct missing or incorrect information on an existing database entry Add an external link (URL) to any product or item in the database Contact a specific user in our system Report a post as being in the wrong forum or a rules violation Create or Commission a Microbadge to be made Create your own RPG Blog Leave a Comment or Suggestion for Improvement of RPG Geek List a Kickstarter here on RPG Geek Get Involved with RPG Geek as a volunteer Create a Link to RPG Geek from my website Forward Geekmail to my Email Donate and become an RPG Geek Patron Follow us on Twitter or Friend us on Facebook

Want to know more about...?

Have a single, specific topic you might want to know more about? Check this list and hopefully it's been covered. Auctions for Geekgold Avatars Chain of Generosity Database and Database Hierarchy Site Etiquette Files and Play-Aids Forums (Both General and Game Specific) Games for Geekgold Geekgold and Tipping Geeklists Geekmail Geekmodding Geekcurrent Geekbay Geek Randomizer (aka Die Roller) Geek of the Week Getting Started as a New User Guilds The Hotness Microbadges Periodicals (Magazines, Zines, Articles, etc) Play-by-Forum Play-by-VoiP Podcasts Polls Poster Level Badges Question of the Day Quickbar Rankings RPG Geek Heroes Subscriptions Tags The Tavern (our Off-Topic area) Thumbs and Thumbing Your Profile Uber Badges Hiding and Unhiding User's Posts

All of these wikis are user-editable. That means you can improve them and help build additional utility into this guide. We always welcome the help!

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