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Each user in the BoardGameGeek database has its own page with details about themselves. It is a collaboration of personal information, game collection details, and site contributions by that user.

Users can edit the sections of their profile by clicking the pencil icon at the top of each section.

Preferences Section

This section contains details regarding BoardGameGeek notifications and AdBlock settings. It also gives access to the BoardGameGeek Web Widget which generates code you can use in webpages to show your most recently logged games.

User Profile Section

This section has free form text about the user. Users typically put information like:
  • What kinds of games they enjoy.
  • When and why they started gaming.
  • What their personal policy is about logging games, rating games, Top 10, Hot 10, etc.
  • A "Recently played" widget to show their most recently logged games (e.g. by putting [ IMG ] [ / IMG ] around the html code you can get via the BoardGameGeek Web Widget in the Preferences section). Games must be in your collection for the widget to show them. Other widgets are supported: see the widget link.
  • What they do outside of board games.

This section also is where a user may buy and edit their Avatar, GeekBadge, UberGeekBadge and Microbadges.

Microbadges Section

This section is where Microbadges can be purchased using GeekGold and a listing of currently purchased items.

User Details Section

This section displays further personal information about the user:

When you edit your own User Details you add or update additional details.

  • email address
your real email address. This can be useful for receiving notification about new content at games you select, receiving forwarded geekmail, etc.
  • Name
You can also edit your real name (first name, last name) by editing User Details. Your Display name will be created by concatenating your first name and last name.
As of 2020, you can change your username by geekmailing the request to the admin Octavian. Your username was created at registration. If instead you decide to make a new account, please don't delete your old account if you've made any forum comments or other contributions, because then they will disappear, leaving holes in conversations and broken links etc. Please just change your old user profile information to say "This is my old account I don't use any more. My new account is blah-blah."
  • Mailing Address
This would you mailing address if you were going to buy something on the markeplace, or trade games. A trick is to just fill in your first name, then use your full name in address line 1. That way ordinary browsing of BGG just reveals you first name, but if you make a purchase on BGG, then the seller can see you whole name.
  • Phone number
  • Names of game accounts
You can specify the names of your XBox Live Gametag, Account, Steam Account, Wii Friend Code, or PSN ID.

Interests Section

This section contains categorized interests about the user:

  • Hobbies
  • Favorite Books
  • Favorite Music
  • Favorite Movies
  • Favorite TV Shows

GeekGold Section

This section outlines the amount of GeekGold the user has collected, spent, and their current balance. If a fellow BoardGameGeek user is visiting the page there is also an option to "Give User GeekGold".

GeekBuddies Section

This section outlines who the user's current GeekBuddies are, and how many other users have the current user's profile on their GeekBuddies list.

GeekQuestions Section

This section shows the number of GeekQuestions the user has asked and answered.

Games Section

This section is used for collection tracking. Users can enter the games that they currently own, want, are selling, or those that are for trade. Users may also leave comments and ratings for any of the games listed in BoardGameGeek. If you have rated a game, or checked the its box to be notified about new content for it, it will also appear in your game collection (whether or not you own it). This is a handy way to see all the games you care about on one page, and track each time you play it if you choose to log your plays. The games may be listed in text or viewed by a Gallery View. The section contains:

  • Owned
  • For Trade
  • Wanted
  • For Sale
  • Sold
  • Wishlist
  • Trades
  • Marketplace
  • Played
  • Ratings
  • Game Rating Distribution

A quick snapshot of a user's "Game Ranking Distribution" is also shown to illustrate how the totals of their game ratings are distributed in the 1 to 10 ranking.

Top 10 Section

This section contains two parts. The "Personal Top 10" and "Hot 10" lists are used by users for a variety of things. Some use the Hot 10 for their list of games they wish to play next. Some use the personal top 10 as the list of games they love the most. These lists are flexible and up to the user to decide how to use them. Games are entered into these lists based on their GameIDs.

Other Ratings Section

This section illustrates the particular items on BoardGameGeek which the user has given Thumbs Up for. This covers the following items:

  • Images
  • Geeklists
  • Threads
  • Files
  • Articles Rated

Contributions Section

This section gives details to the contributions this user has given to the BoardGameGeek website. The following is a list of these items:

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