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Your Geek User ID is your login ID for BGG. It is created when you register for BGG and cannot be changed.


User: herace

FAQ about Geek User ID

Can I change my Geek User ID

For many years, it was difficult-to-impossible to change your user id, requiring manual intervention by an admin, and requests were fulfilled only extremely infrequently.

But sometime around 2020, it became a bit easier for admins to do this, and you can submit a request for a new user id via the contact form: Give a list of several possible candidates, and it might still take a couple of weeks.


Some unusual characters in usernames (i.e. other than letters and digits) cause bugs in various parts of BGG:

Exclamation mark (!) does not work in user= forum formatting code, e.g. [user=TheChin!].

Octothorpe (#) does not work in URLs, e.g. Lemming #5 takes you to user Lemming.

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