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Making a video game is no easy feat. It requires a huge time commitment, immense talent, a versatile skill set and/or a dedicated team. Sadly, VGG does not have people credits... yet. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize the hard working video game developers among our wonderful community.

There are two special "uberbadges" that can appear above your username. These uberbadges link your VGG user account to a database entry. Unfortunately VGG dose not have people credits, meaning we cannot give you the "Game Designer" badge. We can give out the "Game Publisher" badge though.

Person: VGGeek (Promotional Images)
Person: VGGeek (Promotional Images)

We also have a set of Microbadges that recognize the role(s) played by people in creating a video game. These micros were created by the amazing Thorin2001, and are independent of the "Game Designer" and "Game Publisher" uberbadges.

Microbadge: Video Game Artist - Video Game Artist
Microbadge: Video Game Designer - Video Game Designer
Microbadge: Video Game Musician / Audio - Video Game Musician / Audio
Microbadge: Video Game Programmer - Video Game Programmer
Microbadge: Video Game Producer - Video Game Producer
Microbadge: Video Game Writer - Video Game Writer

If you qualify for one or more of these badges, just send a geekmail (containing a link to the the game you worked on) to one of the Admins and we'll hook you up!

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