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What is a VTT?

Virtual Tabletop Software (VT or VTT) is designed to imitate physical board games that are traditionally played on or around a table and enable one or more users to play those games on their computer. Some programs are sold commercially for a one-time fee, some use a subscription-based model, while others are free or rely on donations. VTs usually come in the form of a website with a large selection of games, and either run in a browser or require an app download before any of the games on the website can be played.

These games occupy a grey area on the site, and for the purposes of the VGG database fall Outside the Scope of VGG.

Why are VTTs not accepted on VGG?

They are more appealing to board gamers:

VTTs are digital games, which places them within VGG's area on the Geek, but they are primarily targeted towards the tabletop gaming community, particularly those who may have trouble getting together with a gaming group in real life.

See, BGG's Computer-Based Board Gaming forum
You will not find as much enthusiasm for VTTs amongst the video gaming hobbyists.

There are a lot of VTTs:

  • Games are given individual pages in the database.
  • Game pages are not created for websites or retailers.
  • Steam and Kongregate do not have their own game pages.
  • Each individual game from Steam or Kongregate is given its own game page.

A common problem with VTT game submissions is that they are for an entire website instead of the individual games. And just like mods, there are a ton of VTTs available, often imitating the same selection of games. This poses a problem for database management. VGG already has a large number of digital Chess versions for example, without adding VTTs into the mix.

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That said, we do not want to exclude all web browser games from the database, especially those with unique IPs (Intellectual Property). Sites like Kongregate for example, have a large variety of games that are original works not based on existing games - digital or physical. Additionally, these games may be played without any app downloads or an account on their website. Some of these games even get ported to other platforms, like Android and iOS. -

Why allow Tabletopia?:

Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator are a collection of classic games that include a sandbox/sim mode so that players can "create their own original games", sort of like RPG Maker. Players can also mod and import custom assets into Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator like with any other video game.

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