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All content on VGG was created or submitted by volunteers and without it the site would not be what it is. Images, reviews, videos or new versions are all contributed by our wonderful user base - you. The purpose of this guide is to aid those who want to contribute. Adding content to the site will also net you GeekGold rewards and make you eligible for certain Microbadges.

Submit New Database Entries

New entries can be created for games, franchises, characters, hardware and so on. We have entire pages dedicated to these items so we won't cover them in-depth here:

Submit New Release Versions

A version is a release the game received in a particular country or region on a specific platform. Each version has the name, release date, developer and publisher as well as the rating and supported languages listed.

To add a new release version:

1.) Go go to the game's page.
2.) Then go down to where the "Release Versions" module is located.
3.) Click the "Add Version" link in the module header.

If you need further help or visual aids see: How to Create New Release Versions

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