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VGG Site History

Site/Feature Related

BoardGameGeek is founded.
- GeekCoins were issued. They were never re-issued and are now obsolete.

- A "game recommendation" (you liked this game so you may like this game...) algorithm was implemented and then removed. It did not function well.

- Added "Families"; identical to categories but more nebulous.

- RPGGeek is founded.

VideoGameGeek is founded. Starts off with admins:

The "VGG Council" is formed; a group where users and admins discuss features and site related problems. It lasted until around 2012 when it was replaced by the "VGG Cabinet" - an admin only group that still exists. The Council was disbanded because it proved ineffectual and achieved little. Site related topics are best spoken out in the general forums with all the users instead by a 'select club' of users behind closed doors.
2011, November 17
Mymil steps down as an admin.
2012, December 14'
BG/VG linkage becomes a feature.
2013, August 13
Zorazen steps down as an admin and deletes her account.
2014, March 3
Ziilch steps down as an admin.
2014, June 25
andrewhodkinson becomes an admin.
2014, September 4
Ncik is relieved from admin duties after vanishing from the site.
2014, September 11
Forbidding becomes an admin.
2016, March
free999enigma steps up to help with the VGG News Section.
2016, March 17
Longtime admin stargate officially retires. He surrendered the last of his admin abilities on February 2017.

Contest/Community Related

- The first Gift Guide is started. It lasts until 2012 and then goes on hiatus for three years.

- The very first "Games Beaten Geeklist" is created by kevster and hosted by him until 2014.

2011, April
"Project Respect" is started. It lasts until 2012/13.
kevster steps down from the "Games Beaten Geeklist" and hands it off to JohnRayJr.
The very first "Pillar of the Community" is held.
The Gift Guide is resurrected.
2017, Febuary 15
adularia25 stepped down from hosting the "Question of the Day". See full QOTD history here.

See also, How to Volunteer.

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