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What Are They?

Put simply, GeekLists are user created lists of items from the database. They are used for VGG related activities and contests, game discussion, and may be humorous and do not need to relate to games at all. They can cover any number of items or subject matters and may be open to public additions or they can be a users personal list. GeekLists are the heart and lifeblood of VGG. Most of the activity will be found there and not in the forums.

How Do They Work?

Every GeekList will have a header with the user name of it's creator and the option to subscribe, tip, and thumb. The description box will contain information on the GeekLists subject and what it is about.

Below the header is the Items list. Each item will contain a game, series, or character from the database, the user who added it, and a description. Users can choose to subscribe too and comment on individual item entries.

Create A GeekList

A new GeekList can be created by selecting the 'Create New' link from the 'GeekLists' tab in the NavBar.

Person: VGGeek (Promotional Images)
Create/Edit GeekList Page

On the 'Create/Edit Geeklist' page, you begin by entering a title for the GeekList and then a description of the GeekList's purpose. There will then be several options for you to consider:
  • Subscribe: Allow you to subscribe to the entire list, or to be notified only when someone comments on your item.
  • Domains: This allows you to determine which of the Geekdō sites the list will appear on and from which domain items can be selected. A list with only the Video Game domain for example can only use items from VGG.
  • Private: This will prevent the public from seeing the list.
  • Public Additions: Enables other users to add items to the list. Otherwise only you will be able to contribute to the list.
  • Comments: Allowing Comments will enable other users to make comments on the list and its items.
  • Trade/Auction List: If the list is intended to be used for trades or auctions, select this option.
  • No Publish: If you don't want the list to be published to the front page of the site, select this.
  • Enable Public Dice Rolls: Put dice rolls on your list.
  • Special Sort: Allows you to determine how the list is sorted. 'Normal' sorts the list in the order the items are added. 'Rank' sorts the list by Game Rank. 'Average' sorts the list by average rating. 'Title' sorts the list alphabetically.

The 'Preview' button will allow you to preview the description, similar to previewing a forum post. After choosing save, you will be taken to the list page, where you can add items. Items are added by choosing the Add Item link in the lower right of the title section of the list.

Person: VGGeek (Promotional Images)
Add Item Buttom On A GeekList

When adding an item, you first select the category of the item. This will allow you to search for the name of the item, select the image you wish to use, and create a comment to go along with the item.

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