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The forums are where you and other users can discuss games, the site, ask and answer questions, and otherwise be an active part of the community. The master forums page for VGG can be found by clicking the 'Forums' tab in the navBar. This will take you to the main forums page which lists all the subforums and from which you can browse, read and reply to existing threads, or post your own.

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The Master Forums Page Showing The Subforums


Clicking on any of the subforums will take you to a page with all the thread posts that fall under that subject. The page will include the number of 'thumbs' the thread received, the number of replies, and who lasted posted as well as when. The subscribe link will subscribe you to notifications for all threads made under a subforum.

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One of The Subforums

Post New Thread

Clicking the "Post Thread" link at the top allows you to start your own new thread on the topic of your choosing. When starting a thread, please try and place it in the appropriate place. For example, questions on the site should go under "How To VGG" subforum while discussions on a game should go under the game forums, see below). The editor allows you to format your post and includes links to items or images on the site, along with providing easy access to emoticons and the scrabblify function (which turns selected letters into scrabble tiles). The 'Preview' button will allow you to see how your post will look before you submit it. The post button submits it. In case you make a mistake on a post, there is an 'Edit' button which will allow you to make changes.

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Post A New Thread

Important Post Features

Clicking the on any of the Threads will take you to the page where the actual discussion on the topic is taking place. At the top of each page is a banner with options for the user. The 'Recommend' box allows you to 'thumb' and there are links to print, subscribe, or bookmark the thread. If the thread has more than one page, there will be page numbers to the far right.

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User Options on The Top of A Thread

At the bottom of each post on a thread is the option to 'thumb' the user post and tip them. Then on the right there is the date it was posted and options on how you wish to reply. Quote includes the selected message in your response, while reply gives you a clean slate. The "quick" versions of each open a reply box directly below the original post.

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Options on The Bottom of A User Post

Front Page Forum Features

Currently, individual modules on the front page of VGG, namely the the video game forums, reviews, images, and geeklists each share similar navigation traits. The Hot, Recent, and Active links allow you to switch between the highest rated, the newest, and the most recently contributed items within the module. The page navigator underneath these allows you to view more items. The little "-" box allows you to collapse a module; it will then change to a "+" box to allow you to expand it again.

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A Forum Showing The Hot, Recent, and Active Links

Game Page Forums

While the main forums are intended for general discussion, each game has its own forum for discussing the game. This allows discussions about the game to be easily found, without cluttering up the other discussion forums. Game forums work just like the other forums, and are each divided into General, News, Reviews, and Strategy sections. The displayed forum threads can be sorted by most recent, most active, or most popular (hot), and additional threads can be displayed using the navigation arrows on the right side of the header when present. The 'Browse' link will show you all of the threads and the subforums available. A new thread can be posted using the 'Post' link. The forums can be searched using the 'Search' link.

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A Game Page's Forums

Linked Forums

Forum posts from linked items on a game page may display in the linked forums module. This functions similarly to the forums module, but shows forum content from other items. If the games is a compilation, expansion, or has been adapted from a boardgame, then threads posted elsewhere but relating to the game may appear here. The exact forums which are displayed varies by item type. The 'Relationship' drop-down menu allows you to choose which type of linked items you wish to view forum content for.

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A Game's Linked Forums


Guilds are small 'groups' created by users to cover a selected topic or subject of interest. Guilds can be accessed by clicking the 'Guilds' link from the 'Misc' tab in the navBar.

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The Main Guild Page

The Guilds home page lists the current guild categories, which will either expand to a list of guilds, or another set of subcategories. Clicking on a Guild will take you to the Guild page which provides details on the guild, a description, forums, an image gallery, and a guild calendar. You need to join the guild, using the link in the upper right, in order to post or add content to it. You can always leave a guild by clicking on the same link (it will change from "Join this guild" to "Leave this guild").

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A Guilds Page

Create New Guild

Anyone can create or join a guild. It costs 10 GeekGold to create a guild. The 'Create New Guild' link will take you to a page where you must select a subject matter, enter a name, and agree to the Guild Content Rules. Once submitted the guild will be sent to the site admins for approval.

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The Create New Guild Page

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