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inline 01-Jul ... Themed selected, wiki updated, graphics started, Microbadges submitted, start contacting sponsors
inline 07-Jul ... Warhorn set up and ready to take game submissions, continue contacting sponsors
inline 15-Jul ... Graphics complete, wiki finished, graphic added to warhorn
inline 22-Jul ... Finalize panel topics, open call for moderators
inline 01-Aug ... Call for Game Masters (GMs) and moderators finalized
inline 15-Aug ... Call for Panelists, Contest Creators
inline 08-Sep ... Finalize warhorn, Game Geek list, Finalize Prizes, finalize panelists
inline 15-Sep ... Call for Players
inline 06-Oct ... Virtuacon '17 Begins!
inline 08-Oct ... Virtuacon '17 Ends!


Virtuacon is an all-virtual worldwide RPG gaming convention utilizing free online tools to bring gamers together for The Best 3 Days in Virtual Gaming. Virtuacon is the convention you attend from the comfort of your own home - but run much like a traditional convention with slotted game events, industry guest speakers and contests galore. With numerous games being offered by world-class GMs, you can be sure to find something great to play! We especially welcome new players to the hobby - come and experience the rich world of role-playing with a community who would love to count you among our friends!


Virtuacon runs from 16:00 (UTC) October 6th until 22:00 (UTC) October 8th, 2017. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are our days of operation and we'll be slotting in games and events around the clock.


All games are advertised via RPG Geek and game signups will be Warhorn (link coming). This year we are going to let GMs decide what virtual tabletop they prefer to use and whichever communication (Hangout, Inferno, Roll20, etc) platform they prefer.


UTC is Universal Time Code. It's the same time as GMT. You can find a bunch of converters on the web (like this one). Don't let the fancy timezones scare you! When Virtuacon '17 starts it will be about 7:00 pm in Eastern Europe, 6:00 pm in Western Europe, 5:00 pm in the UK, and about noon in the eastern US.

How Does it Work?

These days, technology has gotten to the point where we can easily play Role-Playing games, live, with people all across the globe. This is generally done via Google Hangouts which turns your webcam (most laptops have them built in) and microphone into vehicles to "sit", virtually, at the table with other gamers. While Google Hangouts or other interface provides the video and audio, add-on programs such as Roll20 provide die rollers and virtual tabletops. All of these tools are free - and Game Masters have leveraged these tools to great effect in the last few years. Virtuacon '17 will use these same tried-and-true online tools to bring a full convention lineup beamed directly into your house! Cool. Seriously.

Player Information

VirtuaCon 2017 Etiquette and Guidelines page.

The event listing is located here.

On September 15, event registration will open. Each event in the event list will have a link to it's Warhorn page, where you can sign up for the game.

In the mean time, if there is a game you want to see run, add it to this list!

Contest Information

Links coming soon

Prize Information

This year's prize pool will be for the gamemastersand event volunteers. They work very hard to ensure each attendee that sits at their virtual table or who experiences the greatness of VirtuaCon has an enjoyable time. The prize pool (PDF coupons, gift certificates, etc) will be presented to all the GMs; each will be free to pick one prize per session they ran. Selection will be on a first come, first served basis. Event volunteers will also be offered a chance to grab something from the prize pool.


Virtuacon would like to extend a thank you to our gracious sponsors, who together have provided us with some great prizes to give away to lucky GMs!
Accessible Games
2 copies of:
Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals
Monster Kart Mayhem
Free month subscription
Angry Hamster Publishing
PDF Copy of WITCH: Fated Souls
Prize support for Chaosium games
Engine Publishing
25 copies of the following books:
Evil Hat
$25 Convention Pack for 1 GM
Fabled Environments
5 packages of Savage Worlds setting guides and adventures
Kobold Press
5 PDFs for D&D 5E DMs
Legendary Games
PDFs from Legendary Pathfinder line and Pirates Pathfinder Line
Pelgrane Press
Copies of:
3 x “a PDF of your choice from the Pelgrane Press webstore"
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Coupon codes to all Savage Worlds Games
Third Eye Games
3 PDFs of the new PIP System Core Rulebook

Technology Training

2017 options coming soon

Dates and Times here

Technical Support Page

Schedule of Events Information

Links coming soon

Virtual Swag

Though the real reward is in playing great games with great people from around the world... we've also got some virtual swag for those who frequent the Geek:


Player and GM Etiquette

Don't be a jerk. If you feel you need more instruction that this, please see our VirtuaCon17 Etiquette page for full details.

Can I promote Virtuacon?

Oh yes! If you are involved with other RPG, gaming or geeky communities, please let them know that we would love to have be part of this event! You can point them to this wiki page which we will keep updated. Feel free to use one of the official banners located here.

Contact Info

Contact User MODOC (Keith Mageau), trevlix (Tyler Hudak), or oberon166 if you have any questions or concerns

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