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Whether it's your first time or you've been here every time, we can always use help running the Library. The Library is staffed completely by volunteers in hourly shifts. No experience is needed, just a smile and willingness to help attendees. Please look for the Sign-Up wiki page approximately 4-6 weeks before the convention begins.

BGG.CON Library Volunteers sign up via SignUpGenius [Link TBA| BGG.CON Library Volunteers]

BGG.CON Spring Library Helpers sign up via SignUpGenius - [Link TBA| BGG.SPRING Library Volunteers]

Convention Set-Up

Many of our attendees arrive on the day before the convention officially begins. If you arrive the day before, this is the convention Set-Up day. We welcome and encourage and invite help with various set-up activities (badge and bag stuffing, library straightening, hot games set-up, and various other odd jobs). Please find someone with a radio attached to them and we can direct you to a location.

Convention Clean-Up

They say "many hands make light work" and on the last day of the convention, the staff can use many hands to make light work of dismantling convention paraphernalia and packing up. If you have some time before you leave town, we welcome and encourage any and all help with various manual labor jobs (packing the library and loading it for storage; packing away Hot Games; loading trucks; etc.) Please find someone with a radio attached to them and we can direct you to a location.

Team Geek

You've been to any of our conventions a time or two and have decided that you want to be a "Super-Volunteer" and join Team Geek in the jerseys. Team Geek is the heart of our conventions. These are the individuals that make the experience pleasant and appealing for all. These individuals always have a smile on their face and work hard (approximately 16-20 hours) doing all kinds of tasks to make this convention FUN. If you are interested, please look/ask for the application in early February (for Fall convention) or September (for Spring convention).

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