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The wargames subdomain and its participants is an invaluable resource for the budding and veteran wargamer. This thread is an attempt to reference some of the resources on the BGG site and point them out to the new wargames subdomain participants. This list is far from complete, so feel free to add new things of interest.

Wargaming 101

So What’s a Wargame?

How do I know which one will fit my taste? How do I go from trading sheep to slugging it out on the eastern front?

You might be asking yourself, "hmmm, but What is your definition of a Wargame? Or, to rephrase it So... what is a wargame?

Now be advised that asking this question might result in some grumbling, the occasional death threats and obscure references to the enjoyment of repetition. Someone might even yell out Case Blue!! You’ve been warned…

Getting Started

For a complete overview and wargames 101, this is mandatory reading: Wargames??? YES YOU CAN!

Another great one: Want to start in wargaming but unsure as to what game you might like? A newbies Guide

Here is a great post discussing Different Scales in Wargaming
Pros and Cons--WWII Squad-Based Wargames
Pros and Cons--WWII Platoon/Company-Based Wargames

The blog post "Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Wargames" sums up the differences in scale nicely.

An excellent geeklist to help make sense out of the different Wargame series and systems
Another great geeklist highlighting certain aspects of wargaming:Ten things that make a great wargame
Still don't know where to start? Try out the Starter Wargames starter wargames geeklist.
Want to know what to avoid? Try the The Dogs of War: Wargames That Stink, Ancients Edition series of geeklists.
Looking for WW2 Solitaire games? Here you will find a complete list of world war two games with solo rules: Solitaire World War 2 Games
Wanna try out a personality test for wargamers? POLL: Are You a Neo-Grog? (NEW POLL, Pg. 5)
So, now you want to conquer the world? Ok, why not try one of the Top 10 Strategic WWII Games
Not sure if you should trust a wargamer on this? Check out: How hard are some of these popular wargames? Written from a Eurogamer perspective.

The (in)famous counter-clipping

Another issue that can raise the blood-pressure of the wargaming crowd. Those who do, do and those who don't, don't and never the twain shall meet. But if you want to know the why, take a look at Counter Clipping - Why? and How?

For an-depth "how-to" there is the How to clip your counters

It might be hard to believe, but one of the longest-running and totally unkillable threads is the « war and peace » length Implementing the Perfect Solution... to counter clipping Psychologists and social workers await your call.

There is a ton of resources for specific game systems

Here are a few that have a cult following on the geek:
OCS advice anyone?
A Guide to the World In Flames Universe (Final Edition)
The Definitive Panzer Grenadier List - all those expansions explained!

These threads are places to consort with like-minded individuals:
East Front WW 2 Gamers
World War One Gamers
Asymmetrical, Insurgent and Irregular Wargame Discussion Thread
Legion Wargames

The P500 subscription threads

These alert you to the latest news on the preorder lists for upcoming games, here are a few:

MMP P500 subscription thread
GMT Monthly P500 Geeklist Announcement Thread
Columbia P500 subscription thread
Legion Wargames (LWG) Monthly Pre-order Geeklist Announcement Thread

Gameplay styles

I’m all alone...

We all know finding, and keeping wargame buddies is tough work. Here’s a list of Solitaire War Games for those lonely winter nights.

Chit-pull activation is a mechanic that plays very well solo. Want to know more, go check out Pull My Chit! - or - Good Chit-Pull Wargames for the *sometimes* lonely General

I’m alone, but I got a computer

Play by Email (PBEM) is a great way to play for those wargamers who aren’t blessed with a local group of players.

Want to know if the game is pbem friendly: PBEM: did it play well?
See this list of Online_Wargame_software.

Looking for an online opponent? Subscribe to the INVALID OBJECT ID=115364, type=geeklist

We were supposed to be 2, but then Bill showed up...

Wargaming for 3

I’m travelling…

Don’t leave before checking out the Battlefields, Museums and areas of military interest

I’m broke...

That’s no excuse to not indulge in your hobby! Here’s a list of Free Wargames

I love arts and crafts!

Well, why not try out some of the Best Print & Play Historical Wargames and show off your creative side!

Investing back to the community

I have a lot of free time...

Well, why not No wargame left behind: Wargames that need written reviews 2 or Uncategorized wargames: they need your vote! Mk2?

Speaking of reviews and reviewers...

In praise of BGG wargame reviewers.

You have a favorite wargame? Let us know all about it

Your absolutely favorite wargame, and why it is

Monthly geeklists and topics

Some monthly threads (December 2020 editions; is there a meta-thread to subscribe to for new monthly threads?):
What Wargame Did You Just Get This Month? December, 2020 Edition
What's the Last Wargame You've Completed? December, 2020 Edition
Rulebooks on Your Table, December 2020

"Wargames on your table" geeklist

Subscribe to this thread to get news of the latest edition: *** SUBSCRIPTION THREAD - Wargames On Your Table This Month

Spending more time reading rules than playing games? Subcribe to the Rulebooks on your Table Subscription Thread

"Wargame Designer of the month" thread

BGG Wargame Designer of the Month Subscription List

I'm looking for...

...the wargame forum

...a wargame convention

Game Convention Calendar - Not strictly wargames, but a usefull resource.

...a FLGS selling wargames

Check out:
The War Game FLGS Directory (U.S.A.)
The War Game FLGS Directory (Canada)

...a wargame on a specific campaign or war

Wargames on the Russian Civil War (1917-1922)
Spanish Civil War games
Wargames on Kursk 1943
Top feudal Japan wargames
Soviet war in Afghanistan 1980-1988
Wargames on the English Civil War (1642-1651)
The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905
Hundred Years' War (1337-1453)
Wargames on modern African history
Favorite Market-Garden/Arnhem Battle game
Insurgency and terrorism
Top rated wargames set in Korea
A History Of War-Torn Islands
Top 10 Naval Wargames of the Age of Sail and Shot
The Battle of Antietam
Wargames on Latin American conflicts

Other interesting topics and lists

United by a love of History...

I have a feeling I started coming here for the games, but kept coming back for the history. Here are some very interesting and insightful geeklists that go beyond the games that we play:

The Hitler Mistakes
Personal Observations About Warfare
Overlooked But Important Battles
The Battle of Midway - Myths and Misconceptions
Attention - Excellent Lists on Wargames and Art of War
Historical Podcasts worth listening to
American Civil War Controversies, Questions, and Conundrums
This Day - EVERY DAY - in History (a 366-Item Geeklist, Eventually)
Battle of the Frozen Lakes: The Winter War Battle of Tolvajärvi. part 1: Prelude to War, and Nov 30 - Dec 8, 1939
Battle of the Frozen Lakes: The Winter War Battle of Tolvajärvi. part 2: December 9-11, 1939
Battle of the Frozen Lakes: The Winter War Battle of Tolvajärvi. part 3: December 12, 1939

...and a love for our hobby

My Four Years at Avalon Hill
March to the Sound of the Guns: Wargame Podcasts
An old wargamer tripping, slipping and stumbling, down Memory Lane
The Road to Hell is Paved with Wargames
The Fall of Avalon Hill
Decision Games History Page
A Farewell to Hexes
Wikipedia's Board Wargame page

Want to develop a little war room envy?

Or just convince the significant other that, in comparison, you don’t really have that many games:
Show us your Wargame Room! Please post your photos & annotations!

It’s movie night!

Movies That Should Be Required Viewing for Any True Grognard
Wargames and History - freely available documentaries

Other interesting geeklists and threads worth visiting

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Paper Map
Logistics: Wargames that focus on or have a strong logistics component
Supply in Wargames
Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit The Wargame Sub-domain
Wargamer's Guide to Wargaming Geeklists

This list is far from complete as new content is appearing every day. There are also some subdomain fixtures that don't have a subscription thread: create-a-caption contest, BOOK CLUB, Military History bookshelf. So grab a seat, pour yourself a drink, contribute and enjoy the place.


Game Magazines - Wiki page on game magazines, with full listing of currently published wargaming magazines. Some have a wargame in each issue, other just have articles - variants (different ways to play your favourite games), strategy articles (tips on gameplay), analysis (why was the game designed the way it was), history, interviews, and other information designed to enhance your enjoyment of the hobby.

I hear a lot of negative things about magazine games

Well, don’t buy a dog, check out the Best Magazine Wargames

Other websites of interest to wargamers

Now, I would't actively encourage anyone to leave BGG for some of the other gaming websites but here are a few links:
Consimworld forum - The layout of the forum takes some getting used to, but most companies and designers hang out there. - links to article indexes, reviews, variants and more on a long list of wargames - focuses on tactical level wargames, with magazine listings and other content of interest
VASSAL - Tons of wargames have vassal modules that enable you to play either live on the vassal server or by email.

Special thanks to sxmpxr for his awesome work putting this FAQ together!

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