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Wiki To Do

  • Orphaned pages (pages with no links to them)
  • Most Wanted (linked to pages that don't exist)
  • You should be able to tag a wiki page
  • Link "Post to Forums about this page" that starts a forum thread in "BoardGameGeek Related: Wiki" and inserts a link to [threadid=XXX] ad the bottom of the wiki page once the thread is created
  • Add Wiki links in "classic" menu system
  • Implement some predefined table styles (see BGG Wiki table formatting standard)
  • (Suggestion) Make it so the "edit summary" entry bar remembers your previous entries so you dont have to keep typing in the same thing over and over. (I.E as you begin to type the "f" in "fixed typos" it gives a list you can select from)


  • A complete list of all pages except game:XXX pages
  • You should be able to Recommend (thumbs up) a wiki page
  • When game:XXX pages appear in "What Links Here", they should show the game name
  • Diffprev view (eg /wiki/diffprev/...) should show the edit message, if there was one
  • On a User Profile be able to view /wiki/recent filtered to only show their edits
  • Front page wiki module
  • Make designer descriptions into designer:XXX special pages
  • Make publisher descriptions into publisher:XXX special pages
  • Add wikipage button in forum posting UI
  • BGG Welcome should link to some or all of BoardGameGeek, BoardGameGeek FAQ and Guide to BoardGameGeek (Perhaps BGG Welcome should be a wiki page?)
  • RSS feeds for /wiki/recent and individual page changes
  • Redirect (wikimedia style) BGG Style [ redirect=pagename ]
  • game:XXX pages should have a link at the top to /game/XXX
  • History and WikiMenu buttons/links should be added next to the Edit button on game entry descriptions
  • When game:XXX pages appear in /wiki/recent they should show the game name, like: game:822 (Carcassonne)
  • /wiki/recent should have direct links to the diff-prev view (currently 3 clicks: page, history, diff-prev)
  • Histories should provide diff-prev in addition to/instead of diff-curr
  • The edit form should have a link to Wiki Formatting
  • Make WikiMenu always visible


  • Paging doesn't work on /wiki/recent
  • Search bugs mentioned in
  • On /wiki/recent, diff-prev appears for newly created pages (there is no prev)
  • The fileid tag does not work
  • Edit conflicts don't work? (last edit overrides)
  • Linking to headers (not sure if this is a bug): Wiki: Need some help to fix links
  • Can't change preferred Title of "Funkenschlag: Erweiterung Korea/China" and "Funkenschlag: Erweiterung Russland/Japan"


  • Added strike command
  • Added underline command
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