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You can add games you're interested in to your wishlist. Your wishlist can be found in your user profile.

How to Add a Game to Your Wishlist

There are three main options for adding a game to your wishlist.

  1. In the main menu, click Games. The results will show the master list of game rankings. For the game you want to add to your wishlist, click the (empty) square in the Status column. A box will popup that, among other things, includes a checkbox for Wishlist. Check that box and rank (1-5) how much you want that game. Then click the Save button.
  2. Go to any individual game page. Click "Add to Collection", check the box for "Wishlist", click save.
  3. If you already have games in your personal collection, from the main menu, go to My Geek > Collection. The same Status column mentioned above should appear. If it does, proceed as explained earlier. If it does not appear, click Columns (found between Filters and Views) and check the Status box. Then click the Done button. You should then see the Status column and be able to proceed adding games to your wishlist.
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