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This page is used to track the current set of enhancements that have been requested for the BGG_XML_API and/or the BGG_XML_API2. It is mostly a public working list so others may see what has already been requested. Completed items will be removed from this list.

Note: These are in no particular priority order, and tend to be worked on as inspiration and need demands. List numbers are unreliable and will change over time.


  1. Thread listings do not retrieve all posts and ignore count parameter & start & stop parameters. See: vs. (monteslu)
  2. Start and count parameters are ignored on geeklists. (DaJackel)
  3. Some exact searches aren't working (possibly apostrophes) example: (regex)
  4. Some items that have both boardgame and boardgameexpansion subtypes are incorrectly filtered out when searching by boardgame. See: This should return the information on Dominion: Intrigue but does not. (wwscrispin)
  5. Escaping: If you look at the description of Age of Steam (, you'll see several unescaped ampersands [actually, double-escaped... & becomes "& amp;amp;" -Jester]. Interestingly, some of the ampersands are escaped. Also on the XMLAPI2, the e with an acute accent (as in Montréal) is being escaped as é (& #195 ;& #169); instead of & eacute ;. (ccomeaux)
  6. Date ranges on historical data: Support from=2009-01-01&to=2009-03-17, for example. (Jester)
  7. Support custom version info (Biswut)
  8. Search reports no results when searching on boardgameexpansions (explicitly treats these as boardgames) (monteslu)
  9. Minrating and maxrating on collections are not both being filtered simultaneously (e.g. minrating=9, maxrating=10). (n_and)
  10. Return valid empty XML if you try to retrieve the plays of an user that doesn't exist... currently returns web markup (fagentu007).


  1. Add GeekLists for XMLAPI2
  2. Play log filtering - modified since (friendless)
  3. Play log comments external to play entry (jmilum)
  4. Play log filtering - see (Randy Cox, zefquaavius)
  5. List all plays for an item (Randy Cox)
  6. Guild collections (sjwk)
  7. Microbadge info for a particular user (monteslu)
  8. Microbadge owners by microbadge id (mr_lunch)
  9. OAUTH type authentication for things like logging plays, managing collection, subscriptions, geekmail, etc. Ability to load said info back to the database via the API. (monteslu, Audaon, Friendless)
  10. Count of number of items in the database of various types (wwscrispin)
  11. Top N games by rank list (rmflagg)# List items by mechanic, genre, category, or subdomain (Randy Cox)
  12. Contributions / thumbs (Zoroastro)
  13. Add licensing rights info for item image links (Janiv)
  14. Add date added to collection output in CSV/XML (n_and)
  15. Allow requesting tags on collection games (Wilikai)
  16. Request a game play by playid (ccomeaux)
  17. Thumbs and tips on a geek item (Kempeth)
  18. Marketplace data, particularly the ability to list items sold in one country (Friendless)
  19. Request user information for multiple users at once via specifying comma-separated list (JeffyJeff)
  20. Add Want to Buy, Previously Owned, Want to Play, and Preordered to statistics node of search, e.g. (JeffyJeff)
  21. Add thumbnails to search results. (Kiyote)
  22. Support JSON/JSONP output. (GamesOnTheBrain)
  23. Support reporting groups of buddies. (llopis)
  24. Request games by designer or by publisher. (RoamDog, JeffyJeff)
  25. Add filters by field for games that are returned - also see previous request. (AMcBain)

Fixed Issues

Bugs that have been fixed or enhancements that have been made are not recorded here. Announcements of those changes are made in the Geek Tools Guild.

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