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Zombie in My Pocket is a game by Jeremiah Lee. It has spawned a number of variations and theme changes. This wiki is a list of all of these with a short description of each. Each name is a link to the file to download. This is only for full complete games.

Zombie in my Pocket
by Jeremiah Lee
Find the evil temple in the house, kill the zombies, and find the graveyard, all before midnight.

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

Variants: sorted by Scenario Book

Book 1:
The Scientist vs The Zombies by Jeremiah_Lee
The Cabin by Gutter
Buried Alive by Jeremiah_Lee
The Kid by Howitzer_120mm
Book 2:
Zombie Survivor by tiggers
I, Zombie by Gutter
7 by fixpix
ZimP Rogue by Gutter
Book 3:
Zombie Townhouse by Gutter
Treasure Seeker by Howitzer_120mm
Shovel Necessary by oplprokop
The Surveyor by Howitzer_120mm
v1.75 changes by Jeremiah_Lee
Book 4:
Movie Slasher vs Zombies by Usercreated
Sanity Anyone? by turtleback
Sorority Scream by Kavu
Rettug's Wonderful Continuum Altering Amulet by Gutter
Book 5:
Skills 1 by fixpix
Skills 2 by Gutter
Weapon of fortune by Gutter
Two-Player Multi Deck by Radditz5678

Zombie in my Pocket:Scenario Books I-V

An other scenario, with more note tacking, barricading and survival : The cottage of doom by fvabien21

Aliens in my Pocket
by Peter Cobcroft
Search Hadley’s Hope, find the colonists, damage the Reactor Coolant and escape in the dropship before the Atmosphere Processor explodes.
User: Curufea

Dungeon in my Pocket
by Brewtal_Legend
The first fan made expansion/variant for Zombie in my Pocket; a little bigger, a little harder, fantasy theme, new items, enemies, and traps.

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

Trekkie in my Pocket
by Usercreated
Zombie in my Pocket based game set in the Star Trek universe, find Spock, Kirk, and the gang instead of items.

Robot in my Pocket
by jeRm!
Find the virus, upload it to the main drive and free the robots being manipulated and tortured in RoboRally.

User: jeRm!

Wolfenstein in my Pocket
by Aarontu
A ZimP variant inspired by the Wolfenstein series.

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

Airborne in My Pocket
by Amiral
A World War II variant. You are an Allied Paratrooper on D-Day. Includes over 60 Scenarios, 13 Campaigns and other goodies.

Board Game: Airborne in My Pocket

Dungeonquest in my Pocket
by ConraDargo
Enter the Dragon's Castle if you dare, loot it for treasure, and then get the hell out - all before sunset when the beasts lurking inside awakens and devours you!

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

Santa Claus at My Home
by silvanus321
Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus sends gifts to every family. Help him find the Christmas tree and leave secretly.

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

Pirate in my Pocket
by jeRm!
Pirate adventures await! Start on your Pirate Ship and go to a Ghost Ship, HMS Navy Ship or Island to accomplish your mission.

User: jeRm!

Meeple in my Pocket
by jeRm!
Help the King out of his predicament before the Queen finds out what has happened. Game is played with standard Carcassonne tiles and meeples.

User: jeRm!

Star Wars in my Pocket
by ConraDargo
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Taking on the role of Luke Skywalker as he joins the attack force on the DEATH STAR, will you be able to restore freedom to the galaxy or die trying - in this Star Wars scenario of when the Rebels launched a desperate assault on the devastating space station with not only firepower against them, but time as well...

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

Fairy Tale in My Pocket
by sq498
Save the kingdom before the sun sets. Solitaire or cooperative play. Good for playing with kids.

Board Game: Fairy Tale in My Pocket

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