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Victory Games, a subsidiary company of The Avalon Hill Game Co, was created in 1982. The company was formed from a core of ex-SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) design employees. SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) had specialized in wargames that were more complex and more exacting simulations (such as War in the Pacific: The Campaign Against Imperial Japan, 1941-45, itself remade by VG as Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945) than what The Avalon Hill Game Co had normally published.

From 1982-91, Victory Games released a critically acclaimed line of games (such as the Fleet Series), that appealed to so-called "grognards", that had a good deal of commercial success. However, the staff slowly departed over the years for other companies and were not replaced. This fact, in conjunction with the loss of many board gamers to the video and computer games coming into fashion at this time, as well as the popularity of card driven games, led to The Avalon Hill Game Co folding the company in 1989, although a few titles already well into the production cycle, appeared with the "Victory" logo after this date.

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Victory Games (II) - only known game is 1940s game River Plate
Victory Games/Vemas - couple games in 1980s
Victory Point Games - Victory Point Games is a small format, indie board game publisher based in Costa Mesa, California.

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