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The Doomstones Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a campaign in five parts, mainly set in a remote mountain region of the Border Princes. The plot revolves around the search for a set of four mighty magical artifacts: the Doomstones.

Publication history:

The Doomstones Campaign was originally published by Flame Publications and was split into four books with one adventure in each:

Doomstones Campaign 1 - Fire in the Mountains
Doomstones Campaign 2 - Blood in Darkness
Doomstones Campaign 3 - Death Rock
Doomstones Campaign 4 - Dwarf Wars

A final fifth part was planned but never published by Flame Publications. So the story ended in mid-air and didn't come to a conclusion.

When the campaign was re-published by Hogshead Publishing, they published two volumes with two adventures each:

Doomstones Campaign Volume 1 - Fire and Blood
Doomstones Campaign Volume 2 - Wars & Death

Finally, Hogshead produced a fifth and final adventure for the campaign:

Doomstones Campaign Volume 3 - Heart of Chaos


The Doomstones Campaign (at least the first four parts) are classic hack-and-slash adventures. In this, it is the opposite of The Enemy Within Campaign, which includes a lot of scheming and detective work, that has been the hallmark of Warhammer FRP. Because of this thematic disconnect, the Doomstones Campaign was criticized by fans as being shallow and not really in the "spirit" of Warhammer FRP.

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