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Alea was started as a new label within Ravensburger in 1999. Each of their games in a particular sized box is numbered in order of publication, yielding the Alea big box series, the Alea medium box series, the Alea small box series, and Alea very small box series. The alea versions of the games were produced in German. Some of the series were re-printed by Rio Grande Games in English versions of the boxes. Chinatown and Adel Verpflichtet were not.

  • The English version of Mammoth Hunters, while having a similar box art style as the others in the series, does not actually have a number 8 printed on the box.
  • The Swedish/Finnish edition of Puerto Rico was renumbered #1 by the publisher, and the separator between the author and game name was dropped.
  • Different games of the series are published in Dutch:
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