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fastfox PbF Deadlands 2013 All Hallows Eve

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All Hallows Eve

This is the root page for information about a RPGgeek PbF Deadlands session.




  • xdysrrl[z]
    • x = number of random items
    • d = dice
    • y = number of sides
    • srr = reroll any maximum number and add it to the first die (single recursive reroll)
    • l[z] = drop lowest z results (where z should be x-1)


  • 5d12srrl[4]
    • roll five 12-sided dice, reroll every 12, add it to the first roll and drop all results except the highest
  • 3d6srr or 3d6rr
    • roll three 6-sided dice, reroll every six and add everything together

'kay an' how does one know what to roll now?

  • That dead simple:
    • If you make a Trait or Aptitude Roll the highest result only counts.
    • Any other Roll adds all results together.





  • xkBj[y]d[{image;}]r[]
    • x = number of random items
    • k = deck of cards
    • Bj[y] = basic deck with y jokers
    • d[{image;}] = display as images
    • r[] = exclude the cards z (if more than one devided by semicolon)


  • 12kBj[2]d[{image;}]
    • draw 12 cards from a complete deck with 2 jokers and display them as images
  • 4kBj[2]d[{image;}]r[{Qs;Ac;4h;8d}]
    • draw 4 cards from a deck with 2 jokers without Queen of Spades, Ace of Clubs, Four of Hearts and Eight of diamonds and display them as images


Image Color

Issue has been fixed, but information will stay in the wiki for later reference of earlier rolls.

Fate Chips


Color Wind Wounds Dice
5 1 +1 die
10 2 +1 die added to highest and marshal draws a chip
15 3 +1 die added to highest


  • xcustomw{50:iid:1605619;25:iid:1605620;10:iid:1605621}
    • x = number of random items (has to be 1 for this use)
    • 50:iid:1605619 = 50 white chips
    • 25:iid:1605620 = 25 red chips
    • 10:iid:1605621 = 10 blue chips


  • 1customw{50:iid:1605619;25:iid:1605620;10:iid:1605621}
    • draw a chip from the full standard pouch
  • 1customw{45:iid:1605619;20:iid:1605620;10:iid:1605621}
    • draw a chip from a pouch where already five white and five red chips are missing
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