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  • Born and raised in the Confederate state of North Carolina. At the time of his birth, July 4th 1846, an unnatural snow storm blew through the state. His mother names him Charles Snow Hare, but, there was even more truth to the name then she expected. It soon became apparent that Charles had a birth mark on his scalp that lacked any pigment. The hair on his birthmark was as white as snow. Charlie grew up torn between the old ways of his people and the emerging modern world. Teased by his peers he spent much time in books and alone in the woods. That's where he met the outcast Jackson Half Bear... It was Jackson Half Bear that taught him to reject the modern world and return to the ways of his ancestors. Half Bear also taught him the uses of many native plants, especially those used to take you away into the world of visions.

During the war between the states Charlie worked for the Confederate States as an Indian scout, and it was in that conflict that he came face his worst nightmare...

Your Worst Nightmare

  • Charlie wakes from his worst nightmare, heart racing and sweat running down his face. He found himself surrounded by hulking metal beasts, each and every one of them powered by Ghost Rock. Their perverse and foul taint corrupting the nature's way. Corrupting the world cherished and revered by his ancestors. Blinded by his fury he rushes the metal hulks, know longer caring for his safety--only for their destruction. Surrounded by machines--spawn of the dawning age of technology--he beats them till his hands are bloody and broken. Even within his rage, a tear rolls down his face, as he recognizes that he is helpless against them. The old ways can't withstand the onslaught of the machines. The future comes to devour...

Traits & Aptitudes



  • 4d6
  • Search 1
  • Trackin' 2


  • 2d6
  • Area Knowledge (Academia): Hallucinogenic plants of Southeastern North America
    • Home County 2
  • Language: Southern Iroquoian 2, Indian Sign 1, English 1


  • 2d6


  • 3d6
  • Survival: Woodland 1


  • 4d8
  • Faith 1
  • Guts 3



  • 1d10
  • Bow 1
  • Throwin': Balanced 2


  • 1d12
  • Climbin’ 1
  • Sneak 2
  • Dodge 1
  • Fightin': knife 2
  • Horse Ridin' 2


  • 4d6


  • 4d12


  • 4d6

Size, Pace, Wind & Grit

  • Size 6
  • Pace 12
  • Wind 14
  • Grit 0

Edges & Hindrances

  • Edges
    • Brave
    • Guardian Spirit: Owl
    • "The Stare".
  • Hindrances
    • Mean as a Rattler
    • Vengeful
    • Superstitious

Bounty & Fate

  • Fate Chips
    • White
    • Red
    • Blue

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Weapon Shots Speed Rate of Fire Damage Range Caliber Reliability
Bow and Arrow 1 2 1 STR+1d6 10 ---
Thrown Tomahawk 1 1 1 STR+2d6 5 ---
Thrown Knife 1 1 1 STR+1d4 5 ---
Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist --- 1 STR
Tomahawk --- 1 STR+2d6
Bowie Knife +1 1 STR+1d6


shoes (moccasins)
trousers (soft leather)
shirt (soft leather)
Bedroll (tribal blanket)
Bowie knife
arrows x20
Tomahawk x2

Total: $109

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