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1. Introduction

(from iWARSIM website:)

"iWARSIM is designed for playing wargames online. You can play the game alone or play with anyone connected on Internet.
Each wargame is provided as a separate module file. By loading modules, you can play any kind of wargame.[...]

The advantage of iWARSIM is in it's rich functionality and intuitiveness. I spent about eight months to develop the user interface alone."

2. Links

3. Game Modules

[Note: as of December 13th 2013]

(AH) Anzio
(AH) Breakout: Normandy

(SPI) 5th Corps
(SPI) Cityfight
(SPI) NATO Division Commander

(VG) 7th Fleet
(VG) Flashpoint: Golan
(VG) Vietnam 1965-1975

(S&T) #283 Fail Safe
(S&T) #281 In Country
(S&T) #274 Sun never sets 2
(S&T) #273 Reichswehr & Freikorps
(S&T) #271 Second Kharkov
(S&T) #270 American Revolution
(S&T) #268 When Lions Sailed
(S&T) #267 Russain Civil War
(S&T) #265 Jubille
(S&T) #215 Ignorant Armies
(S&T) #209 Indochina

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