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Amur Six - Winterset

Thread: [Aborted after Scene 11] Amur Six - Winterset
A new planet...
Amur Six
... our new Home...
... and Uncertainty
⇓ Servility

⇓ Savagery

⇓ Status Control

THE GOVERNOR: Rayle Wills (karlkrlarsson)
THE DIMBER DAMBER: DFC Dalvin Fraham (shawnssica)
Oath: I will never abandon what I have built here.
Oath: I will never keep a profitable secret.
Catchwords: Efficency first. Love them popular managment ideas.
Catchwords: Black market mogul, looking for leverage.
JUDGE/CAPTAIN: Althea Peluce (Vaklam)
CAPTAIN SHARP: IKB Irvin 'Billy' Kidd (lydon)
Oath: I will never forgive those who break the law.
Oath: I will never kill a man.
Catchwords: Water miner's widow. Runs the operation. Got promoted to JA after JA Wills cracked.
Catchwords: Ex-Conman. Faster with the tongue than with the knife. Fabricated murder story.
COLONIAL MARINE: Sergeant Irvin Saux (marauder)
LAG: EMA Ed Marre (marauder)
Oath: When I can get away with it, I will always draw blood.
Oath: I will never rat out my mates.
Catchwords: sadistic ruleenforcer, aiming for higher ranking
Catchwords: I'm innocent! I've been framed!
EMANCIPIST: Halia Wrigham (shawnssica)
WRECKER: WVA Doctor Will Varford (karlkrlarsson)
Oath: I will never say anything bad about the colony.
Oath: I will never intentionally kill another person.
Catchwords: Former convict, conditionally free, emotionally attached to Governor Rayle Wills
Catchwords: Disgraced doctor. Radiation heals everything

Former notables

Judge Advocate Lora Wills
Scene #4
Oath: I will never allow harm to come to Orphia Haylow.
Catchwords: Older sister of Governor Wills, strict rule enforcement, no fraternity with convicts
Oath broken, Orphia Haylow died of radiation poisoning
Bolter OHA Orphia Haylow
Scene #4
Oath: I will never ask for mercy.
Catchwords: young girl, got out of the colony, must return periodically for supplies - connections to authority
Died of radiation poisoning, plutonium implanted by Doctor Will Varford
Captain Sharp JHA Joren Hoyt
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Oath: I will never abandon what I have built here.
Catchwords: The outwardly calm fist of Dalvin Fraham
Broke his oath after being humiliated and mutilated by Irvin 'Billy' Kidd

Planet: Amur Six


Atmosphere is excellent
Climate is mild
Geology is stable

Hydrology is favorable
Biology is benign

Intelligent life is absent

There is no intelligent life on Amur Six. The atmosphere is ideal and weather patterns are highly favorable to agriculture. Amur Six is a viable candidate for a colony.

Amur Six is an ellipsoidal planetary body; equatorial mountains reach the stratosphere. Water exists only in pockets near the planetary core and is extremely difficult to reach. Common compounds within the planetary biome are neurotoxic. I don’t see how we can survive here.

Optional Details (for Inspiration)
  1. The summit of the King Amur, the highest peak on the planet, basically in outer space
  2. A report on the planet’s biochemistry, encrypted
  3. Subterranean lizards commonly found nesting near core pools
  4. A cache of crux antitoxins, inert or worse without the enzymatic key
  5. A frigid, polar ocean made of liquid methane just waiting to be mined
  6. A surveyor’s ytterbium laser, modified to cut through steel

Colony: Winterset


Planning is meticulous

Density is low
Workforce is motivated

Prosperity is high
Order is well-established
Justice is universal

We have law here and it is enforced. Article 34 is very clear on treasonous dissent and we have interpreted that statute as liberally as has been necessary to keep the lags in line and the colony prosperous. As a result there are two sorts of lags here—those who are docile and obedient and those who are dead. Given our circumstances there is no other practical approach and no one in Winterset is going to apologize for it. Article 34 is very clear.

Some say Authority has gone monster here, infected by some madness that makes them believe that cramming this many lags into a single, filthy hole is could even remotely be considered a civilized colony. A madness that makes the Judge Advocate kill-crazy, screaming day and night about violations of Article 34, putting bullets into heads at the slightest provocation. I say Authority was a monster long before it sent us to Winterset. I say monsters need to get stakes put through their hearts. I say there has been enough killing, and that to stop the killing there needs to be a little more killing.

Optional Details (for Inspiration)
  1. Clion Bard, murderer and pimp and Sergeant of Marines
  2. A secret child
  3. Orphia Marre, the most cunning and beautiful of all sables
  4. A map leading to a forgotten stash of firearms
  5. A mass grave, off limits under Article 34
  6. Three crowns made out of networking fiber and melted silver


I really wonder how Althea Peluce's husband died?
The machinery was sabotaged. He had to die because he found out about a secret cache of weapons.
I wonder how Orphia Haylow gets her supplies?
The Dimper Damper finds out that The Judge has a soft spot for Orphia and that she gets stuff from her. Using this as leverage he forces the JA to give him his share.
I wonder what Orphia Haylow does when she breaks her leg outside the base?
She gets caught.
What is Lora Wills's reaction when she finds out that Orphia's been transferred down to Dr. Varford's care?
She is badly radiated by him and dies of it. This breaks the JA's Oath.
I wonder how Captain Sharp explains the break in the supply chain to the Dimber Damber?
They decide to bring Irvin 'Billy' Kidd into the equation. He has to plant some material about Althea killing her husband, material submitted by Srg. Saux.
I wonder how the Governor will fill the power vacuum left by his deranged sister?
He promoted Althea Peluce!
What will Halia Wrigham do after she stumbles upon the mass grave?
She reports to the Gov and he calms her down, promoting her to the JA's assistant.
Who saw Ed Marre deliver the tape to Althea, and thus rat out his mates?
What happens when the Governor finds out that Althea's files just don't add up?
He goes into the food cold storage and discovers that there is no food and he just got locked into it!
I wonder, what happens when Captain Sharp sets 'Billy' Kidd off to assassinate the nosy Halia Wrigham?
Billy gets hard, cut's off the Captains ear and he in turn backs off and disappears. New job for Captain 'Billy' Sharp!
I wonder what will happen when the Captain of the Marines (Captain Vella Grison) comes up from HELL to meet Judge Advocate and Governor?

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