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According to the Geek's glossary, OverText is a short text message that appears whenever a user hovers their mouse over an avatar or Geekbadge/Ubergeekbadge (there is separate text for each). OverText costs 100 GeekGold per type (avatar or badge), and you can change your OverText at any time. OverText was originally announced at Got 100 gg? Expect to soon? Want to buy something totally useless?.

If you're interested in overtext, I love your overtext and HiveGod's OverText Suppository might be worth checking out. Furthermore, periodic overtext treasure hunt contests occur on the 'Geek (refer to the GI5 guild for more info).

The BGG Randomizer application allows users to periodically change their OverText automatically, as well as providing means to feed their overtext from their Twitter, Folding@Home and BGG accounts, as well as from other sources.

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